Thursday, July 18, 2013

Since We've Been Home

With all of the efforts made to do the trip report blog posts, I've gotten way behind in my day-to-day updates.  So, I'll group the stuff in one general "Since We've Been Home" post.

"This" happened on the second day we were home.  Whitley had been taking a nap, so I was spending some time lounging outside.  Mikayla was attempting to blow up the baby pool we had purchased.   All of a sudden, I hear a blood curdling scream.  As I knew Whitley had woken up at that point and the kids were with her, my first thought was something had happened to her.  There was no delayed response to this issue - I was up and running.  Definitely not an issue with Whitley, this was a problem with Mikayla - and her hair - that had got sucked into the inflater.   Well, not life threatening, that was a relief...but certainly troubling.   I kept thinking, at what point to do I just give up and suggest "layers" for Mikayla's hair?  Eventually, it dawned on me that her hair was much more valuable than the machine (that probably wouldn't work again regardless), so I cut out the protective plastic over the fan, allowing us to pull the whole tangled mess out.  I still didn't have much hope.   We pulled out the peanut butter and tried to work it through - and eventually, hit the shower dousing it with conditioner.  I was actually quite shocked that you couldn't even tell where it happened once her hair dried. 

Kenady came over the following day.  This time, I inflated the pool and proceeded to pour bucket after bucket of hot water from the kitchen tap to make it warm and cozy for the girls.  Whitley had fun, but wasn't as in to it as much as I thought she would be.

On Friday of the first week back, Brayden attended his first high school ministry event - a weekend at Triangle Lake where they'd be boating.  John has assisted with this event in the past by taking our boat out on the Friday night and Sunday of the event.  Crazy that Brayden is now one of the attendees.  They had a great time - particularly Friday night as John got some great catch up time with Travis in tow to help.

On Sunday, Mikayla and I decided to have our own date at P.F. Chang's.   I love that she enjoys this restaurant (and the Lettuce Wraps and Honey Chicken) as much as I do.  We sat outside, it was perfect.

We found ourselves with some unexpected guests on Sunday night.  Kenjon was in town (a rare occurrence now that his home base is Charlotte, North Carolina).   We called the Whites to let them know he was visiting - and they were able to swing by about an hour after he arrived.  Soon after, Heather showed up.  It was such a great time of catching up with him, he didn't end up leaving until about 10pm. 

Monday was a special day as Travis and Stephanie were letting us keep Whitley overnight while they had a date to see Tim McGraw in concert (Steph's celebrity crush).  So, we made it our ambition to wear her out.  We went and ahead and used the passes we'd purchased at the Harlow Auction for Eugene Swim and Tennis Club.  The kids have missed that place.  I felt like when we were members and they had it to use anytime they wanted, it wasn't a big deal, but now that it's not available as we suspended our membership in January, they've been begging to go.  Hopefully, this trip satisfied them for a while.

It was certainly a hit with Whitley.  She even enjoyed the hat (that was mine) that I grabbed to match her swimsuit.

She also really enjoyed her floatie.  It allowed her to just "chill" in the pool - playing with her toys on her little shelf.

Of course, the kids felt the need to frequently remove her from her floatie and play with her one on one.

Tanner met up with us at the pool - which was great as he kept Brayden out of our hair.

Whitley did a great job for us sleeping overnight.  I'd forgotten how "unrestful" it can be, though, sleeping next to a monitor.   She only woke up briefly twice (without me having to do anything), but there's that element of worrying that she WILL wake up.   It was at about 7am that I greeted her smiling face.  Such a cutie-patootie.  This was a pic we sent to her parents that morning of her whistling.  She's actually pretty good - clearly, she's gotten this from her dad.

The hungry expression.

The "I'm bored" expression.

And, later this week we took her to the grocery store.  After sitting in the big girl seat of the cart at Fred Meyer, Mikayla wanted to see how she did in the car-cart at Safeway.  She thought it was fun for a bit, but wanted more attention after a while.

This kind of sums up how life is going for Brayden.  He's been doing football conditioning for two hours a day - and between that and liberty to stay up late, he's worn out once he finally falls asleep. 

In an effort to deduct some of those pounds gained on our road trip, I've been trying to exercise in the mornings.  It works best if I can get it in before Whitley arrives at 7:30.  I managed to make that happen Thursday morning as I snagged Sydney and took her for a walk.  Talk about a great way to start the day....

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