Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rockies Road Trip Day Four: "Lunch in NoWhere, WY"

Tuesday was slated to be another long drive day.  As MapQuest instructed (and the map, and "OnStar" - we did a lot of different navigation consultations as we went) -  we ended up driving again through Jackson, offering a stop at their new Albertsons with the blessed Starbucks within.  We stocked up again on goodies and road-trip food, and John was able to get his much-needed caffeine infusion.  The kids ran around with these carts....cute until they abandon me with one of them...they are very awkward for an adult to push around.  

The first third of the trip was gorgeous - that west side of Wyoming.  But, once we hit the interstates, the scenery got a lot more boring - and pretty desolate.

I think this is Rock City, WY where we stopped for a quick McDonald's and bathroom break.   Middle of NO WHERE!

Finally, we rounded a bend and saw this sight on the horizon.  It was crazy how it felt like the scenery did an immediate change.  It was very welcomed.

We had originally planned to eat out at a bbq restaurant in Fort Collins, CO.  But, upon checking in to our hotel for the night (a Courtyard) after eleven hours of driving, delivery pizza from Pizza Hut sounded like a spectacular idea to the family.  It was a great choice.  We all slept well that night knowing the day ahead would generate a whole lot more enthusiasm, sights to see, and entertainment.


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