Sunday, July 21, 2013

Americana at Its Finest

Before I get to the drive-in experience, I need to give a shout out to Suzie and Christi for the amazing experience I had at Bello on Friday morning.  It was a Morrocan Argan Oil Body Treatment - in which Suzie did the body part - including hot stones applied to pressure points, foot and scalp massage, and then being cocooned in hot blankets after having Morrocan Oil scrub and souffle.  A little taste of Heaven.  Then, after showering off all of the goodness, Christi does a blow out and style with my hair.  I leave both feeling good and looking good....oh the joy!!

The other highlight of the day was then the drive in experience in Dallas.  It was the first night when "Monsters U" and "Lone Ranger" were being played, so we knew we had to get there early to secure a good spot.  We arrived at 6:15, and weren't even the first in line, despite the fact that the gates didn't even open until 7.   Hey, no problem, only 5 kids and 3 adults crammed into a tiny amount of space due to all of the lawn chairs, blankets, pillows, and coolers....we weren't going stir crazy or anything for those 45 minutes....

We did get a choice spot though.  And after unpacking and resetting up all the stuff, I was finally able to chill a little bit - and walk around and take some of the pics that sum up the essence of this unique place.
The girls took their place inside my van.  Very cozy. 

And the boys and adults used the "gravity chairs" to sit in.

Even though, in this pictures, the boys stole the girls' place.  (They moved later on).  

 The sun is starting to set....

John ordered a pizza from the snack bar...

I was able to stay awake through "Monsters U" (barely), but by the end of it, knew I was succumbing to a bad headache I'd been fighting through the afternoon.  Booooooo.  At least I found a cozy place to crawl into the van to sleep. 

It was 2:30am when we finally pulled out of the drive in and headed back to the house.  The older I get, the harder that is to deal with.  Not to mention, with a headache.  I ended up spending the entire Saturday in Michele's upstairs family room where a futon mattress was set out with ice.  Good times. But, at least I caught up on my sleep.  Best to get this bugger of a headache out of the way on a day I could afford to, vs. a day with grand plans.  

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