Saturday, April 06, 2013

Weekly Whitley Fix

I gotta say, the first week back to "harsh reality" after spring break wasn't a ton of fun for me.  I was CRANKY without my fallback of sugar and carbs to bring comfort (withdrawals from Robin Eggs is no joking matter).  Trying to combat the lethargy with additional exercise initially felt counter-productive, but it's amazing how listening to praise music (or walking with someone encouraging), a little sunshine, and just moving can really change perspective.

That being said, it was a joy to have Whitley again.  Can't believe how much she's changing, how fast it's all unfolding before our eyes.  Even the amount of hair she has now....oh my, it's going too fast!!!

Friday was the day before Brayden's 14th birthday, so we gave him a little liberty that morning to be extra silly.  Give that boy an inch, and he'll take a mile - like whisking Whitley away, and putting her in a sundress and teddy bear stocking cap.  Thanks, son, because that is so practical for the walk we are planning in 50 degree raining weather....

Later that day, we delivered Subway lunch to Brayden (another pre-birthday treat) and I had an hour to kill before we had to pick up Mikayla.  It didn't seem like enough time to get Whitley home and then turn around and get her back in the car, so instead we walked around the Oakway Center.  I took my time letting her actually touch the toy that always sits just out of her reach in the car, though - oh the wonder to actually press that button!!!

Oh, those blue eyes!!!

Trying to figure out how this fastener works...(future escape attempts forming in her head)

When we meandered over to Old Navy, I thought I'd treat her for her patience by offering to buy a toy she had previously been enamored with on another visit.  I guess it's "Yo Gabba Gabba" - a show I'm proud I don't know anything about, but it had all the right colors and lots of "appendages" to suck on.  All of her little expressions of joy playing with this guy was well worth it!  

4/3 65m speed walk
4/5 55m speed walk
4/6 30m cardio trampoline

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Asha said...

enjoyed my time that i spent on your blog, thanks for posting those adorable pics of babies, it certainly made my day