Monday, April 22, 2013

A Tale of Two Weekends

The Rileys split up this last weekend.  The boys headed to the coast for the CCF Spring Retreat, while we headed to the Schillings to be our home base for Mikayla's volleyball tournament in nearby Corvallis.

I will do another blog post of pictures taken at Winema on behalf of John and Brayden, but as for our girls' weekend - the word I'd use to describe it:  "lackluster".  

The team definitely had their least spectacular tournament appearance.  As their team straddles divisions in terms of talent, we frequently face the top team first thing in the morning.  It's pretty typical that they'll play hard and tough, and put up a good fight...but, inevitably lose - and then lose momentum as they go on to play other teams throughout the day.  

(Mikayla was 100% in her serving...woo hoo!)

It was a fun venue, though - and a pretty day.  They were able to finish up shortly after 5 on Saturday, so Mikayla was able to return to her cousins and enjoy lots more outside play time with the neighbors....a beautiful, serendipitous sort of thing.

Michele and I were able to get a great hill walk in over in West Salem on Sunday...nice time with the family.

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