Friday, April 19, 2013

Heavy Week

My mind kept going back to Jonna throughout the morning - thinking of her enduring 26.2 miles of running.  So proud, so "out-of-my-league", so impressive.  At noon that day, Heather and Kaela stopped by for a lunch date, and while we were chatting Heather read a text from her phone that told her about the bombings.  At that point, it seemed like they were small and wouldn't affect that many people.  However, as soon as they left, I hopped on to Facebook and thankfully found out right away that Jonna and her husband, Chris, were safe and sound - had seen and heard the explosion, but weren't injured.

Jonna was actually able to call and speak to Kenady at the school to tell her what had happened before the news had broke to the rest of the kids.  What a relief for Kenady, but on the other hand, SO alarming to realize your parents were so close to tragedy.  I gave her a huge hug after school and found myself tearing up. 

As it turns out, Jonna crossed the finish line about a half hour before the disaster - an amazing time of 3:36:01.  Wow - way to go!

I've been really trying to step up the exercise this week, so I asked Kristen if she'd like to join me on a hill path I'd found on Wednesday.  Ironically, she'd just read a post about supporting Boston by doing a run on Wednesday.  Well, we briskly walked...but I think the sincerity was there.  Her daughter, Sydney, made the sign for us.

Yesterday, I had a double header - I got to take a morning walk with Dawn and an afternoon walk with Nancy.   I am so blessed with so many extraordinary women in my life that make it so much richer. 

Earlier in the week, I'd taken the same path with one of my college friends, Alysha.  Along the way, I'd labeled myself "Nature ADHD" as I point out every creature along the path.  At this time of year, it's extraordinary between the geese, ducks (and their babies), turtles, herons, osprey....and yes, to Alysha's HORROR, a two and a half foot snack that crossed our path.  That was a new one for me - and I thought it was cool, but I'm not sure if Alysha will ever want to walk that direction again - she was a little traumatized.

Yesterday, with Dawn, I spotted a strange object on one of the pond overlook railings....a baby's binkie.  One that looked exactly like the one that Whitley had lost on the walk with Alysha, two day's prior.  Same size, color, and funny!  However, I think claiming it would have been way abusing the "10 Second Rule" so I opted to leave it there just in case someone else lost the same binkie and was looking for it.  It did make me laugh, though.

Next week shows temps in the low 70's all week long...REMARKABLE!  Hoping to be outside everyday and taking advantage of this rare Oregon spring blessing.

4/16 30m hill walk
4/16 80m brisk walk
4/17 30m hill walk 
4/18 80m brisk walk
4/18 80m brisk walk

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KeepnUpWithBren said...

Amazing story. You have inspired me to get up and walk.