Saturday, April 20, 2013

Go Team Spinney!

On Friday afternoon, Whitley and I got the opportunity to support Heather by watching her run the 1500 at Hayward Field.  She was slated for a 3:50 start time, so I left with plenty of time to spare, hoping to have Whitley fall asleep on the way and relax in the car for a bit.  Who knew parking would be such an issue (well, I should always is any where on campus) any rate, no lounging in the car - I popped her carseat in the stroller and we were beat-feeting it to get there in time.

Because of the stroller, I opted not to take a place in the stands, but instead stood by the fence.  Prior to the race beginning, the runners took the track and Heather walked by us.  It was fun to have her see Whitley, all decked out in Red Sox gear (courtesy of pre-planning on Steph's part) - that is Heather's favorite team, therefore showing her most support. 

Heather did FANTASTIC.  This was the first 1500 she raced this season and she got a 4 second PR.  I'd teased her earlier that her disappointment in previous race outcomes was that she was saving her best for when we'd be there to see her.  That seemed to be the case....though I guess it would then stand to reason we better be making a lot of races in the future!

We had discussed stewardship the night before with our Thursday Night Ladies and I applauded Heather for the stewardship she has of this God-given talent and the avenues it opens to show her trust, faith, and joy in the Lord no matter what the outcome.  So proud of that gal.

Now, at 6:38am on Saturday, we are nearly ready to hit the road to support my little gal - Mikayla's last "ranking" tournament.  It's at the OSU campus, and I realized this morning I'm totally "ducked" out in UO gear...(same colors as their Webfoot volleyball team colors) - hope that's not a problem.  =)

Meanwhile, John and Brayden are representing the Riley family on the coast at Camp Winema for the CCF spring retreat.  I'm sure there will be lots of stories and pictures to come about their adventures there....

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