Tuesday, April 02, 2013

20 Days in April

I'm not one to want to advertise or announce my exercise or diet regime (unless I'm having to explain why I won't be indulging in something I normally would or why I'm groaning every time I move).  However, I need some help in terms of blog accountability, so I throwing it all out there.

I could go in to a long description of the annual fluctuation of my weight at any point in the year (and why based on holidays, dr. appt. "check ins", and lots of reasons to celebrate - i.e. eat nonstop it changes the way it does), but let's just cut it short and say that it's pretty typical following any sort of kids' break (spring break) for me to be packing on the pounds, as odds are, I was "living large" while on whatever way we spent the vacation.

Especially since we don't have a spring vacation coming up (like last year's trip to Maui), there hasn't been a lot of motivation to get down to a low weight....and you know, Oregon doesn't tend to heat up for a while so there's still plenty of layers (usually) to hind under during this time of year.

But, there gets to be a point when you just look at yourself in the mirror and think, "Ugh...no amount of endless 'Robin Eggs' or 'Brach's Strawberry Bon Bons' (my two absolute favorite candies) is worth feeling this way".  (Well, that's what I said Sunday night....right now, I'm really missing those Robin Eggs...(when's the next break?))  =)

So, I told Michele (who's very much in the same boat), that I was going to go for "20 Days in April" - in which, of the 30 days of the month, I will make a very concerted effort on at least 20 of them to get exercise in and eat minimally (lower carbs, more proteins).  Sadly, we've got two upcoming weekends of get-aways with the family coming up, but that's where those 10 extra days come in...at which point I will commit to this blog that I will not "stomp on the cell phone" (based on a Pinterest funny I read that when you decide to blow your diet it's kind of like dropping your cell phone...& instead of picking up the pieces to reassemble it...if you are like me, you choose to stomp on it instead and eat "EVERYTHING" because you will never, ever, ever be able to eat that fun stuff instead).  Sure, I can add a few carbs in to the weekends, and not worry as much about the exercise, but, for this month, I don't need to go hog wild.

There you go.  You are welcome to ask how I'm doing, but essentially, since I'm being public about it, this will probably serve as plenty of accountability.  I will probably (for my own sake) put the weekly workouts at way bottom of the blog posts I put up this month...(it will press me a lot more to get it done if I commit to reporting it).  Please ignore them as desired!  My only caveat....if a headache arises, that changes everything.  There's no apologizing if it blows a few days worth of exercising, the pity party I have when it's occurring is bad enough - and it has to be priority number one to recover from before putting my body through extra stuff. 

All that said, cheers to arriving to April already! - Cheers as well to the 70 degree weather and sunshine we had today that made a walk with Whitley listening to praise music such a delight.  It's not expected to last beyond tomorrow, but it's just what my spirit needs to promise that spring is here and summer is around the corner.

4/1 50m speed walk
4/2 60m speed walk


sara said...

so the party is over for you too..eh?! I am trying to get back on a regular exercise schedule too. Plus my husband and I are doing a 30 day daniel fast. So maybe we can keep each other accountable?!

...you know when your sweat pants start screaming at you to exercise, it's time!! :)

StephieAnne said...

Oh I hear you about those sweat pants!

Let's get 'er done now, while the kids are at school...so when the summer fun begins we can really celebrate! (Within reason.... ;) )

coachselby said...

Supporting your with these thoughts:
Everyday my body is made for fitness and it can not be stored.
I am a fat burning machine:)
I love my body and make wise decisions everyday and when I don't I forgive myself.
I love my self just as I am because I am awesome!