Saturday, October 01, 2011

Success, Already? No Way!

Last night, Michele bid her boys adieu as they headed to Eastern Oregon for their week of hunting. Michael and Traig were accompanied by Michael's brother Steven, and his son, Brandon. Michele received a text early this morning indicating they'd driven through the night, arrived safely, and were hoping to get just a little nap in before setting out to hunt.

So, imagine our surprise when we all get a text around 9 this morning that showed this picture:

Are you kidding me? Traig already shot a 4 point buck? Way to go, buddy!!! This is where he shot from, and for the record, it was a very good, clean shot - just like a hunter is taught to make.

One very proud dad with his very proud son.

And, at some point, one very exhausted uncle - this is Steven "sleeping on the job"...

And, finally, Traig - asleep soon after getting the deer back to camp. At last notice, Traig is still asleep...despite him being the one person who got a decent amount of sleep last night during the drive. I wonder if, when he eventually wakes up, he'll think it was all a dream?! So proud of you, nephew!

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