Sunday, October 02, 2011

Fan Club

Today, Brayden's football team played their toughest opponent yet, and ended up taking the win. In fact, the boys had their fourth shut-out of the season, however, I sense that changing come Wednesday's game when they face the team of giants that they lost to in the jamboree.

Seated in the bleachers watching Brayden was Travis, Leona, and myself - usual attendees (along with my parents who were busy today - and Stephie, who ended up with the same cold John and I have been fighting all week) - as well as Michele, who's hanging with us this weekend because of Michael and Traig's hunt. It was a fun game to watch - a lot of back and forth action - near touchdowns with turnovers that put the ball back on the other end of the field. We scored right before halftime, which gave us a little room to breathe - and then ended up scoring three more times. Brayden had an "after-point" pass thrown to him in the end zone, and he was oh-so-close to pulling it down for the score. As it was, he kept it out of the hands of the two defenders covering him, and made an incredible jump for it, so we were all proud.

Made even more special to Brayden was who was in attendance standing next to John on the sidelines as John took photos. Our buddy, UO Runningback Kenjon Barner (#24), showed up with his girlfriend, Alli to support Brayden and the team. They stood out there, in the rain, through the whole second half.

John and I, through our years of supporting these college students, have found that some of the best indicators of character is how these young adults interact with our kids. To have them go above and beyond to "build OUR kids up", makes us want to build them up more and more. So it was that Kenjon joined us later in the evening for a brief visit to pick up the batch of oatmeal raisin cookies that I had made for Kenjon yesterday - anticipating the visit that ended up getting postponed. In the few encounters I've had with that guy, he's carried himself with such incredible class - it makes me very proud to know him. John even commented on the sidelines, when one particular parent all of a sudden made it a point to stand next to John (who never does), just to make small talk with Kenjon - how Kenjon handles all of that with such grace. He said that it could all change on a dime, so he'll do his best while he can.

So, while Kenjon was added to Brayden's fan club today, it could be said that I was made even more of a fan to Kenjon than ever before too.

Below - a picture of Kenjon and Brayden on the tube on a boat trip they all took together as guys (the weekend us girls went to see the American Idol concert) - and then, Kenjon - on the field as a Duck. I threw in one more picture, kind of fun, of Brayden last year, opening his final present on Christmas day to find he'd received a Duck jersey...of #24....Kenjon Barner....before we even knew the guy. =)

Given Kenjon's getting to be a part of the family - we felt it fitting to take the obligatory family pic....even Syd got to be in there!

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Tiffany said...

This is the one post I will not be able to show J.B.....he would be so jealous;)

We are playing football, full force - both kids..YIKES!!! BUSY to say the least.

Hope you guys have a GREAT week!