Saturday, October 15, 2011

College Game Day!

I set my alarm here at Michele's house to wake up bright and early at 6:45 to watch the beginning of College Game Day that took its show to Eugene, Oregon for tonight's match-up with the Arizona State Sun Devils. On the other hand, John went to bed (at home) last night at 5:30, to anticipate a wake up time of ?????? - I'm not even sure, but I know it was VERY EARLY - to show up at the Game Day set in the dark morning hours with hundreds of other college fans. (He went with buddy, Michael Chase - who's now a student at UO). When I went on Facebook this morning, I saw a post from Michael that said he scored Backstage Passes with John - no surprise, John has this uncanny knack of time and again finding a way to "score" that extra attention at situations like this. =) I hope those two are having fun - and I gotta say, there's absolutely no envy in wishing I was there as I sit in my pajamas with cozy blankets and Russian Tea surrounding me.

Hopefully John will be able to snag a nap today before the whole family heads to the game this evening. And, hopefully, Lee Corso will don the Duck Mascot head this morning indicating his choice for the Duck's to take the win - and even more important - hopefully, our team will make it happen!!!

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