Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ducks vs. ASU

Saturday night's game was a fun night. We had the kids with us, we all dressed plenty warm, and we find ourselves having an increased vested interest in how the game goes as Kenjon spends more and more time with us. Given LaMichael wouldn't be playing due to his elbow injury, we know Kenjon would be playing a lot - and as a result, for the first time ever, Mikayla showed some serious attention to the field - we might make a football fan out of her yet!

There was a bit of distraction from her keeping her eyes focused on the field, though - by name of this little guy - Cade. We met him at a previous game and our kids really hit it off. Apparently, Cade couldn't stop talking about his "Go Duck" friends - and especially Mikayla.

It was antics like these that kept me distracted and laughing too.

For a while, his dad, Kerry, kept him occupied.

Or catching raindrops on his tongue kept him busy.

At one point, I gave him my camera and so began a rather lengthy photo shoot of Mikayla....I deleted a LOT of pictures from my camera.

This is his mom, Brenda, who I really enjoy sitting next to. We rolled our eyes constantly during the game at the language being yelled - and we're thankful the only expression Cade picked up on was "That a way, Baby!" =)

Cade also found Stephie amusing - particularly a pin on her hat that he wanted to push as well as "Whack a mole" by smacking down the top of her hat. What kid doesn't find Steph absolutely enchanting?

Despite it getting very late, we hung around on the field after the win to watch Cade play with the ball a bit - but even more to his liking was taking off and running. Where that kid got his 11pm energy spurt, I don't know. He kept asking Mikayla to join him and our poor girl was fading fast!

He also enjoyed tackling Brayden....and, in contrast to Mikayla, Brayden was equally ready to play and play.

A big shout out to Kenjon who was announced on the radio as State Farm's Player of the Game. He ran for 177 yards and a touchdown (would have been 2 if it weren't for a holding call!). ESPN's coverage also zoomed in on him after the game leading those in participation in a mid-field prayer. Out of all of his plays on the field, that was the one I was most proud of!

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