Friday, April 08, 2011

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

What, three days in a row of blogposts? Woah.... I'm almost getting back to my old norm....

(Sidenote: my 12 year old is currently outloud narrating how to tie his shoes...."First, lift up the tongue; second, pull the shoe strings; third, cross them, fourth; put one under; fifth, pull; sixth, make one bunny ear....." - THAT KID CRACKS ME UP!!! I love my Brayden....)

So, lately, it's come to my attention what a difference it makes when someone actually knows your name. For instance, the front desk gal at the club I work out, calls me by name - as I walk in, when I walk out....and even now, over the phone when I called to do a late sign-up for a group power workout, she said, "I've already got you down, Steph". Okay, bonus points go to folks who actually shorten my name. I know that might now work for everyone (to have folks assume you go by a nickname) - but it so works for me.

(Another Sidenote: I do NOT and have NEVER gone by the name of "Stephieanne". My nieces and nephews call me "Aunt Stephie" - and Michele will, in writing, refer to me that way....I like Stephie, but am rarely called that. Anne is my middle name. Years and years ago when I signed up with blogger, I thought I had to have a "unique" user name, so I combined the two. Now, I think its just funny - wondering if folks really believe that is what I'm called....)

Okay, back to that earlier topic: the funny thing about the gal at the club, is that up until last week, I'd never even learned her name....It's Kari, by the way....and I need to make a point of using that name when I see her (prior to beginning my torture session) in a half hour. Likewise, the two gals that have led the classes that I less likely attend also call me by name. It actually makes me feel special.

And, last week, when getting new glasses at Lenscrafters for the family, the retail manager, Kyle, totally knew my name - even called across the room, "Hey Stephanie, what can I do for you?" when I walked in. Yup, he earned points.

So, all's to say, if little things like this have me perking up, I really need to make an effort to pass it on....and turn on my memory skills so I can encourage others by using their names....


Tiffany said...

GREAT post! And, you are SO right. It does make a difference when someone remembers you by name. As for the nickname, that too can get tricky. I'm in a learning team in every online class I take. I made the mistake of referring to another student by shortening her name. I'm not sure now what here name was, but OH BOY! She did not like that and told me so. I laughed it off and to this day, I'm cautious when shortening a persons name. I love when people call me Tiff, that means they know me and are comfortable around me....just the way I want people to feel around me:) Again, great post! I need to work on my memory skills.....not good at remembering names, even when I try;)

sara said...

you are right on! It does make a difference when people remember my name. and I have found that it makes a BIG difference in my congregation when I remember their names. Sadly, I am SO BAD at remembering names and have tried lots of different ways to remember....and it's getting worse with age. so if you find a good formula, please pass it on!!!