Friday, April 15, 2011

"Soul Surfer"

Maybe I should start trying to make a living doing movie reviews - as I seem to have back to back posts about them. But, here goes another "must see" pronouncement.

We took the whole family to see "Soul Surfer" today. I have wanted to see this movie since I saw it previewed - and figured it would be perfect for today as we are all up here in Portland, its still pouring rain, and promised to be a great family flick.

I have a real love for seeing movies. I love the whole experience - the previews, finding the perfect seats, the popcorn - with just a "little" butter, and all the goodies. In my three weeks of hard core dieting, I've seriously been longing for precisely this experience. It did not disappoint. Oh, and yeah, the movie was phenomenal too!

Really, it was one of those movies that if it weren't for the fact that it was based on a true story, you'd be thinking, "really? - this is just too much...." But, oh yeah, Bethany Hamilton is that inspiring.

A couple of details to share in regards to the movie, that will hopefully enhance the experience if you choose to go.

- The shark attack is not at all graphic. It's quick and does show a lot of her blood loss, but that's it. Both of my kids handled it fine.

- Know that the attack happens when she goes out to surf on Halloween day. This will keep you from being squeemish anytime she goes into the water before that time.

- The real Bethany Hamilton is the one doing the actual surfing post-accident. (Obviously not the close-ups) And, definitely stick around through the credits as it gives a lot of film to her and her real accomplishments.

- Bethany Hamilton and the actress that plays her (AnnaSophia Robb) have become very good friends as a result of all of this. =)
- The first time Bethany's mom returned to surfing was with Helen Hunt during the filming of the movie.

Just so you know, it's not hormones causing the crying lately - just really good movies. And, boy oh boy, did I shed a lot of tears watching this. More than I have in a while, in terms of consistent water flow. John and I also did a lot of just looking at each other, in essence saying, "this movie is unbelievable". It's definitely a movie we'll be owning once its released on DVD.

So, another huge "Thumbs Up" from me.....Maybe I'll see if I can't pull another repeat viewing by dragging the Tuesday Night Girls again! =)


Jenny B. Jones said...

Thanks for the tips on the movie. Seeing it next week finally. And I think I'll go get popcorn as soon as I see Halloween during the movie...
: )

Jodi said...

Thanks for the review. Car really wants to see this and I was a bit concerned about the shark attack scene. I will make it a plan for our next weekend together.
(Instead of this we saw Rio last weekend, really enjoyed it. Hop was incredibly disappointing. Ashton has this cute/annoying (depending on who you are) thing where he laughs this insane loud giggle laugh during movies. After Hop Chad said, "Umm, Ash didn't laugh once." It was nice to hear that laugh again at Rio.)

StephieAnne said...

Good to hear about "Rio" - I've heard that from other folks too -

And, "Hop" - about what I'd expect, kind of sad when they throw an actor into a movie you'd like to like him in, but the movie is less than impressive (I kind of felt that way about my beloved, Zachary Levi in the Chipmunks Sequel).