Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Conclusion...

For anyone out there who might have been praying on my behalf to be headache/pain-free throughout this family mini-vacation – thank you. Thank you so much, your prayers were answered “yes”, and what a difference it has made to not have that be an issue this weekend.

As we are driving home right now (in search of an A&W for lunch, one fun final splurge before reality), John and I both remarked how this one of our favorite mini-get-aways in quite some time. Each day had just enough activity combined with total downtime to keep us all happy. Which is saying quite a bit – when we were all stuffed into a 300 sq. foot suite.

Of course, we weren’t without our: “Kids, find something to do….DS, tv, my computer, Webkinz, reading” moments (particularly Mikayla) – but, that’s to be expected. And, given the kids got plenty of pool time everyday (I have proof in this picture….it’s a general rule that Mommy doesn’t do the big pool – she only does the hot tub, but in this circumstance I was actually getting overheated, and thus surprised/delighted Mikayla by jumping in with her) and plenty of cuddle/snuggle time, I think they felt life was pretty good in general.

In fact, when I asked Brayden on the way back to the hotel from the reception if he was ready to go home yet, his response was a sad, “Nooo”. Of course, going home is a necessity (literally and figuratively), but how blessed we are that our kids still value close-knit time with us over anything else. I used to think it was just a matter of time until all that would change, but now I think expecting that to happen is just a disservice to us all. Why not embrace it for every moment it continues, perhaps even as long as our lifetimes? =)

P.S. We are currently watching “Tangled” again on the drive home (Brayden suggested it as he hasn’t seen it again since the theater). Tiffany – you need to set that as a homework break reward sometime soon and just enjoy…..and I bet, if Cobb and JB happened to be around, they might enjoy it too. Flynn Rider as the male hero is quite the fun character….it’s not just for girls!

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Tiffany said...

Everytime I see a post, I think, "her head must be feeling better!" I am SO glad you were headache free on your trip. As I am typing, I HAVE a HEADACHE:( Our fun~PACKED day has been quite an experience:) {post coming soon!} Tangled is already on my to~do list when I get home and settled.