Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Well, the expressions are a little "dopey" and the picture quality a little "grainy", but it captured the moment, nonetheless.


We started the day off right with a family breakfast trip to Elmer's. I think in the future we might try and save ourselves $30, by hitting a Dunkin Doughnuts - but, hey, this birthday thing is only once a year, right?

He'd already received part of his present already, so today's gifts were kind of "just for fun". We decided to go with the whole "Phineas" theme, so he'll be totally prepared for spring break counseling next year. It is also kind of fun as their mid-school group has themed "dress like this" assignments for each week on their Wednesday night "Wildside" meetings. This evening just happens to be Disney. He asked me on Monday if I had any ideas for him. Sure enough, I did - but of course, I didn't share that idea until today. I think this t-shirt will do just fine for tonight! (In case you don't have kids young enough to follow it, "Phineas and Ferb" is a cartoon on the Disney channel - and ironically, today's Walt Disney World's Facebook Update actually shows a picture of Phineas now doing character greetings in the resort....He's certainly moving up in the world!)

Ah, Brayden, words can't express just how thankful we are that you are our son. You exceed all of our hopes for the kind of kid we'd always dreamed of having. Hope you have the most amazing of birthdays today!!!

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jothirajan said...

Happy birthday Bray :)..have a blast