Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter - He is Risen!

After a very nice Easter service at our church, we joined the Schillings and my parents (sporting some great tans from their vacation in Maui) to have a bar-b-q here at the house.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't super cooperative - what a bummer after two days of gorgeous sunny skies we return to the cloud cover and rain. It was a glorious two days though, that's for sure!

We are all in our post-dinner stupor right now...I would love to take a nap!! I'll keep this a short post as not just one, but three of the kids have come in to ask if they can use my computer. It's easier to just give it up than it is to have then hover!

Teryiaki chicken and steaks

Schwann's Orange Cream Soda and Key Lime Cream yummy!

A little PS3 action

Catching up in the kitchen

The boys catching up in the living room

Our version of "Our Best Bites" recipe of "Sweet Fruit Salsa" with "Cinnamon Chips"

You have no idea how many sugar snap peas that girl consumed....


Tiffany said...

Family is SO fun!:) Food looks yummy too. Tomorrow may be rough...I had way to much to eat today:(

sara said...

looks like a wonderful Easter!!

I had such a great time with my brother here....sorry to see it end!!!

StephieAnne said...

I hope you both had wonderful Easters with your family....and oh yeah, Tiffany I ate way too much too. On June 3rd, I go to see my doctor for my annual appt - the goal is to always way in at least close to what I weighed in the year before...and I'm a LONG ways off. I've got about 5 and 1/2 weeks to STAY good...

stephietoo said...

Wow, we missed you guys! We did have a great time in Seattle, though. Love you!