Friday, April 22, 2011

Best. Mommy-Daughter-Date. Ever.

Oh, what a blast! And, what a softie I'm becoming, as I have to confess...I cried AGAIN! The older I get, the more easy I tear up.

Mikayla and I started our date at PF Chang's. I hadn't realized how much the two of us like the same thing there - so we piled up our plates on shared orders of lettuce wraps and and honey-crisp chicken and were super happy campers. The lunch was made even more special by the arrival of Jodi and Chad, who just happened to be seated nearby. I've been friends with Jodi for so long - and finally meeting the love of her life, Chad, was extra special. They had just seen "Wicked" the night before, so they were overflowing with enthusiasm on our behalf - and super helpful in securing this extra special, memorable picture of Mikayla and I.

One good deed deserves another, so I took a picture of Chad and Jodi. =)

Despite a few hiccups with parking (it was a weekday, mid-day performance - which meant the usual parking garage was filled with automobiles of those who work during the week....hadn't thought that one through) - we still arrived with enough time to scoot to the bathroom and find our (very impressive) seats.

Jodi had told me that it was a long performance, but I couldn't believe how fast it felt and how enchanted I was by it all. Mikayla was too - I think she was just old enough to absorb much of the content and not be bored by the ongoing thematic references. She was also not scared during a few of the more powerful scenes, something Jodi had given us a heads-up about. And, best of all....she never fell asleep!

I took a couple of pics using Brayden's phone camera that came out great of us at the play, they are a baby-step better than my camera....the second one is the view from our seats, and the set of the play, including the large overhanging dragon.

So, for once, I get to whole-heartedly agree with "Entertainment Weekly"....

and as for the date itself - I'll wager it might not be the best of the upcoming decade - but I bet it'll come close!


Tiffany said...

The picute is OH SO SWEET:) Glad you gals had a good time!

Jodi said...

I'm so glad you liked it. I was literally in awe a few times, the end of the first half when the witch was elevated? Wow! I just loved the show. Chad even commented it was quite a big production for Eugene.