Thursday, April 07, 2011

Signs of Spring?

In the next 10 days, the highest temperature forecasted is 58 degrees, with all but two days showing showers/rain. I can't say this makes me very happy.....

Yes, despite the calendar, Oregon is showing no signs of turning the corner into warmer days - in fact we are getting dumped on in the mountains with snow. (Which, on the brighter side, this is very good for our "snowpack" - and means the reservoirs/lakes will be full for summer boat rides....but, that just feels so far away!)

But, some things still pay attention to the calendar - and those have appeared this week at the place I work out at. The lounge chairs have been brought out - as, in just a little bit over a month, the outdoor pool will be opened. Canopies are being put up again....there's signs of life by the pool that's sat dormant for seven months.

And, then, there's this guy. I'm going to keep bringing my phone with me to see if I can get a better picture than this one (I was afraid to get too close so I wouldn't scare him away) - as well as a picture with his "spouse". But, despite the picture quality, last week, when I walked the long outdoor walkway to the workout room, I was overjoyed to see not only him, but his beautiful (albeit understated in color) mate with him. This is the third year they have returned to the club. They only stay for about six weeks, and then they are on their way to some other location, but the consistency of seeing them is sweet indeed to me.
It proves, that, despite our horrid weather, spring is here. Now I'd love for it to actually start "feeling" that way!


Tiffany said...

So Sorry Steph! We are definitely experiencing spring weather here in the south....low 40's, reaching into the low 80's. So, heat in the morning and air by! Gotta' love this south GA weather:) Hope more pleasant weather is on its way to you....and quickly!:) Have a GREAT day!

sara said...

we have a geese family that returns to our church pond every year!! I love seeing them. I have been watching every day for signs of their nest or seeing them walk their babies!! so fun!