Sunday, March 06, 2011

Third Annual CCF Talent Show

It's been a blessing for our whole family that we've spent a big chunk of time with the Meyers family this weekend. The kids spent from about 1:00 yesterday to about 1:00 today with Christina and Andrew, so they were in "seventh heaven".

Last night's entertainment was the third annual talent show put on by the college group. Mark and Amy joined the kids and us to be "dazzled" by the talent. Unfortunately, there weren't as many "entertainers" that stepped up to the challenge this year. On the good side, that means the show didn't drag on unnecessarily, but it was also a bummer to miss out on the "big" productions that have happened in the past when the girls' house or guys' house got a bunch of their group together to do something uber-impressive.

On to pictures - these guys were the two emcees of the evening - the whole night long the running joke was to figure out what M.C. stood for...pretty good gag effects!

Sadly, out of this group of beautiful gals, I only know the names of the two girls in the middle - Kate and Abby. This year, our focus has primarily been on the older generation of collegians - this whole "cycle-through" ministry isn't easy for us!

These two put on a rather romantic swing-dance routine.

One of the fun "new features" of the evening was to have "Just Dance" on the Wii available to play during intermission. These gals made it look easy...

But, what was most entertaining was seeing our collegiate pastor, Corey, participate. He's not especially musically inclined, so the fact that he could keep the beat enough to do the moves was impressive in and of itself.

I was pleased that our own crew got into the act. Mark bravely got up to join Christina, Mikayla, Brayden and Jack (who Brayden invited last year, so we had to make it a tradition to have him come again). Andrew was a little shy about getting in on this act.

This gentleman's name is Mark. He has tremendous musical talents - and up until this year led the worship for CCF. I don't know enough about music to truly give justice about what he did up there, but it involved recording sound effects along the way so that by the end it came across as numerous instruments being played simultaneously. Pretty awesome.
This is Jimmy - who is the guy that leads worship this year. Also "beyond musically talented" - he performed with two other guys that rocked it.

And, this is Michael - his act was one of my faves. You had to be there to be really impressed, but the pictures actually show that midway through a juggle involving an apple in place of one of the balls he actually takes a bite out of it - and keeps the rhythm cool.

This was the last act of the evening involving a group of students who put together a dance routine to a variety of chart-topping songs that they had previously performed at a fundraiser. Beyond the moves and the ability to remember all of the routine, it's their energy that amazes me most!

All in all, a fun evening - even if it didn't quite live up to the hype of year's past. Us adults had a great time bonding together, while the kids had a blast using our early arrival and the intermission as an excuse to race around the church playing hide and seek with cell phones. Guys against the girls (with the Meyer's youngest son, Jackson - and his playmate Mitchell being on the girls' team). That's the sort of fun memories that are priceless, and well worth the $3 charge of admission to the evening event!

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