Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sarah's Shower

Today, Mikayla and I had the honor of attending the bridal shower of our dear friend, Sarah. She's getting married next month (among the invites I'd posted about before, her's was the one inviting the kids as well).

Her friend, Mindy, put together the shower - and it was BEAUTIFUL! So elegant and classy which are adjectives that completely sum up Sarah.

There were no party games at this shower, just delicious food, great conversation, and then watching Sarah open her presents.

Along with some Martha Stewart brand cooking tools that she had registered, I put this together for Sarah. I spent some time this week typing out the recipes that are most-used and most-loved among our family. (Which generally means they have the most sugar and butter and the least amount of vegetables). It might be something I pass on to gals then end up getting married that I've bonded with in the kitchen (which is how Sarah and I hit it off) - but, it was especially meaningful to put it together for Sarah. She said that it is her first cookbook... =)

This is Sarah with Mindy and her two daughters, Elle and Maggie. The little girls will be flower girls at her wedding next month. Mikayla hit it off with Maggie, who's picture is next.

Many of the images in this blog are from this gal, photographer extraordinaire....

But soon, she'll be facing some stiff competition from this rising photographer....

It's not hard to see why Sarah is so effervescent and joyful when she comes from this family - surrounded by beautiful sisters and an incredible mom.
A parting shot of Sarah, Mikayla and myself. I'm so excited for this gal and her fiance to get married - I have no doubts that they will be a couple that many, many people will look up to.

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sara said...

I love how she served the different punches in those jars!!!

Showers are so fun!