Saturday, March 19, 2011

Date Day

While it was not originally planned to be this way, today was an exceptional date day with my man. We left early this morning as a family to drive up to the Schillings - and within 10 minutes of arriving, we had exchanged the kiddos in our vehicle for Michele - and headed off to the Woodburn Outlet Mall. While I can't say I absolutely "needed" anything I purchased, I will say I got some killer deals from Nike, Aeropostle, Gap, and Banana Republic. (Love that "Friends and Family 30% discount!).

Then, within 30 minutes of returning to the Schilling house, we were off again, this time with Michael as well - off to the Independence Cinema. We saw "Adjustment Bureau". I thought Matt Damon was very engaging in this movie - and the plotline gripping and intriguing, but also a little terms of "divine intervention". With that said, though, I was still very happy just to be sitting next to my husband in a theater - as it seems like it's been a while since it was just he and I without kiddos next to us.

Now, we are back at the house, settled in until tomorrow afternoon. Basketball is on (what an ending to the Butler/Pittsburgh game!) - and all is quite cozy. We'll take Traig with us tomorrow so that he'll be ready to go for Harlow's orientation tomorrow night and camp on Monday morning. Then, Michele will join us with the girls on Tuesday.

Good times.....welcome spring break!!

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sara said...

date days are always the best!

I will be sending all mine off today after church.....what will I do with all my time..... :)