Sunday, March 13, 2011

Downtime: Riley Style

If someone were to walk into our house right now, they'd be just a little bit overwhelmed with the sight they saw in our living room.

First and foremost all five of our family members are in here (five including sweet Sydney). That's the whole point of why the living room looks overwhelming, because each of us also has what is currently keeping us happy with us in the living room.

Sydney has her huge big bean bag, that we have to skinny past just to get into the kitchen.

Mikayla has EVERY bit of her Playmobil collection sprawled all over the floor - a whole community created - which results in the need to do a hurdle just to get to the bathroom.

John is watching a favorite racing show (Motosports or something like that) on tv, alternating with helping/watching....

Brayden who is sitting next to me playing a new NBA game on the PS3 -

and I'm playing old-school "Spyro" (along with Mikayla) next to Brayden. Yes, that means we have three tv's currently in our living room (WHY DO I ADMIT THESE THINGS, I'M JUST DIGGING MY OWN GRAVE!) -

But, I think we'd all agree that we are getting quite a kick out of this unorthodoxed-family-squeezed-together weekend. The weather outside is gross. Mikayla and I caught a movie yesterday while John and Brayden did some putting and headed to Red Robin. And all of what I described today is what's on the docket for today (see the productive things we do when we have Wednesday night church with our "extra" time on Sundays?). We will be going to a worship night at CCF this evening....which will end the weekend well.

Gotta go....John just managed to get me past a very difficult/frustrating point with my "Spyro" game....have a great day everyone, no matter what it looks like!


Tiffany said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend:)

StephieAnne said...

Ah Tiffany, it's comments like that that sure make me wish we weren't ALL THE WAY across the country from each other!