Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bieber Believer?

Well, I wouldn't go that far... But, I will say, after viewing the movie, I sure have a lot of respect for that little guy - and tremendous respect for his mother who raised him as a single mom after having him as a teenager (with a lot of help from her parents). From what the movie showed, he has a HUGE amount of talent, quite a bit of character, and from what we were shown, an underlying faith that is significant in his life. (I've heard rumors he's working on a worship album...)

Now, as to why I spend money to see this movie (in 3D even!). You'd guess that it was because my daughter wanted to go. Nope.... Actually, she had about the same level of curiosity as me (and the same end result feelings) - however, she did willingly attend.

We went because that's what my Tuesday Night Ladies wanted to do. Yes, I was there because 3 23 year olds really wanted to be there. (OK, to be fair, two of them did - Kaela was maybe a step up from me in her desire). Heather suggested the idea, and Elaina was head over heels enthused about it - she's been a fan from the beginning. Kimmie opted not to spend the money on the steep ticket price, Courtney had NO desire to go see Bieber, and Christi and Steph were both scheduled to be gone this week (hence the "alternative" plans).

The adventure getting into our theater seats was a lot of fun. Heather prepared GOURMET French Bread Pizza and salad for dinner at our house, and then we all stopped off at Shopko to pick up candy. I think that's my favorite part, the anticipation and hanging with this giggling gals all in indecision mode as to what candy to pick. Mikayla talked me into getting our first bag of "Robin Eggs" for the season....between that and "Chicks and Peeps", it's going to be even harder to try to lose weight!

Even as we got our tickets, the joke was that we were there just for Mikayla - it was a crack-up. Elaina and Heather sat on the other end of the row from me, but they were just animated enough to make the experience thoroughly enjoyable. As Mikayla was checking my phone for the time, Elaina was making little expressions of "ahhh and ohhh". She was at that point of being tired where she was even more expressive than usual - and a little more pulled out of her shell by watching something she was so absorbed with. It was GREAT!!!

Of course, we missed the rest of our group, but it was an event like this that is the perfect remedy for me and my rainy-day funk. This final picture definitely highlights who promoted this idea from the start!

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kleephotos said...

I'm glad you clarified where I stood in my desire to see the movie :) Glad you have my back Steph!