Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Ending to the Great Start

Since I started with these guys on the last post, I'll go ahead and begin with them again...

I'm pleased to report that they both had a great day at camp. They were both paired with new counselors who fit their personalities well, and each of them have a group of campers comprised of 6 boys. The rain was kept at bay for them to be outside much of the day, PRAISE GOD! - and both boys have stories of the "one kid" who's causing trouble for each of them. (Ha ha - love it!)

When I picked the boys up, Kimmie was there (she's helping run the mid-school involovement with Matt and Steve) and she applauded their efforts for the day and said that Brayden even got a special public shout-out (a rarity for the middle schoolers to get) for staying behind with a kiddo at the Craft Shack to help him make his nametag necklace. Have I mentioned lately how proud I am of these two? =)

Now, back to the girl-side of the day. Here's Ellie, Kenady and Mikayla skating. The experience was more short-lived than they had hoped for (Ellie had a doctor's appt. and we left soon after they left), but what it lacked in length, it was made up for in the amount of fun the girls had.

I felt like the mom that had the easiest job ever compared to Jonna - shown her with her youngest, Annika -

and, Tricia (Ellie's mom) shown her with her youngest, Max. Both moms also had in tow their other child as well, Jonna with her son, Luke - and Tricia, with her son, Steven, and his friend, Braden.

Despite all of the kiddos around, and the fact that Skateworld was packed (they must absolutely love the poor-weather forecasts as it sends all the kids to indoor recreation) - the three of us moms had some really great chat-time. It's interesting to hear about how the other girls Mikayla's age are faring - and what they find themselves anxious and worried about compared to Mikayla's anxieties. It also verified to me that even if the only sport Mikayla plays is volleyball, her friendship with Ellie and Kenady isn't determined by her participation (or lack of) in the sports they play in addition to volleyball. I left Skateworld looking forward to the next time I get to spend quality time with these wonderful women.

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