Friday, March 11, 2011

Honoring Special People

First of all, oh how my heart goes out to the people in Japan with their lives literally torn apart today. Another description just came on the news right now, so heartbreaking, my prayers will be going out for them.

Secondly, we had GORGEOUS weather today. I'm so thankful for it, but it's really quite a tease as the forecast is non-stop rain/showers for the next week. I tried to savor all the smells of spring and embrace the heat of the sun's rays (we didn't even reach 60 degrees, but it didn't matter!) as I took a walk with Sydney this afternoon.

Alright - onto those special people:

First off, it was honoring Stephie's birthday with (at least part of) the Tuesday night gals... Those that were able to make it gathered at BJ's and I realized as I looked over the menu (agonizing over how few choices I had based on kicking up the aggressiveness of the dieting) - that this restaurant has so many amazing food options, I might have to make it my birthday indulgence locale....if for no other reason than this......OHHHHHHHH! My mouth is watering just looking at the picture! (and to the credit of both Stephie and myself - neither one of us even took a bite....)

Please forgive the cell-phone-camera blurriness on this next one, but this is Stephie having opened her signed frame of our gals
The other "opportunity to honor" occurred last night when I headed over to Kaela's house to see Darcy. She's been gone for six months, serving with YWAM in England, Ireland, and Paraguay....(and I think a few more places too!). I intentionally showed up after the "surprise" portion of the event, hoping that maybe by the time I got there, I might be able to actually get an opportunity to connect with her. The plan worked, and I was delighted (if not feeling a little selfish) that I got some one on one chat time with her.

Hard to believe when you see the size of the group that had assembled in her honor....which just goes to show how beloved Darcy is. I'm looking forward to an extended time to catch up with her. She has such a heart of gold.


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