Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow, Thanksgiving, Black Friday....It's All So Exciting!

Well, the holiday season has certainly hit here, if the excitement level is any indication. It's heightened by a forecast that includes snow tonight - with freezing temperatures for the next two days. Currently, it's raining, so, of course, I'll have to see it to believe it, but I have high hopes for low snow levels - and perhaps some school cancellations. (Very little snow accumulation is expected, but it's all this wet stuff being turned to ice that is the ticket for school closing).

However, it's all a bit complicated given that I'm supposed to be subbing in Springfield tomorrow. (I'd like it to be put on record that I was the teacher for this class last Wednesday when there was a long-range forecast for snow, that initially put the idea in their mind that we could have some of the white stuff....I'm actually quite shocked that it's coming to fruition.) Springfield is a different district than the one my kids are in. Now, generally, they coincide with their cancellation decisions.....but, if they don't, uh oh. We could have a mess tomorrow.

This is fun stuff to have our mind on after a bit of a disappointing Sunday. Brayden's undefeated team lost in their state play-off game, 0-7. Bummer. Brayden's playing time demonstrated he's come a long way, as his blocks on the defensive players are so much more "defined". He did the best he could possibly do to contribute yesterday, and that's all we could ask for. Here's some pictures demonstrating just how miserable the conditions were, yet how many people showed up to be his fan club. Not pictured were Grandma Leona, John's oldest brother, Tom, and Corey Rose - the college pastor we work with.

Mikayla is also showing improvements in volleyball. The games the girls played on Saturday had both Jonna (Kennady's mom and the main coach) and I feeling pretty low. It's such a hard balance of striving for skill development and "proper technique" vs. just getting the ball over and getting points so that they can feel the satisfaction of winning. Sunday's game showed that the girls are getting better with every match, and made us feel like we are on the right track. The six girls on our little team are so sweet - and their parents so supportive, it makes me wish this season was twice as long.

I'm hopeful that the moods stay positive within our family (everyone's much happier tonight vs. last night) - so the next days promising SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR will be embraced with all of our hearts!

(Postscript at 2:38 am: YES, IT DID SNOW! Not a lot, but about what they predicted - and maybe more still to come. The problem, however, is I'm awake to have seen it, and now I'm just TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP! (Yes, I am 38, not 8 years old...I can't help myself). With temps not expected to exceed freezing I suspect there will be closures, but won't know until they report it between 5-6am. I wonder if I will be able to get back to sleep before this point, it's feeling doubtful!)

(Postscript at 6:38 am: Yeah, just found out (way too late, if you ask me!) - that both the school districts are closed!!!!!! Yip, yip, yippee!!!!!!!)


sara said...

As I sit here in short sleeves, with the forecast of high 70s is hard to imagine being in all those clothes!!!

Here's hoping for your White Thanksgiving...wait, isn't that supposed to be a White Christmas?! :)

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

GOO DUCKS!! I am rooting for them! I hope they get BCS championship game!!