Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not This Year

Last year, I was asked (rather last minute) to contribute a dessert to the Camp Harlow Auction for their traditional dessert-dash event. (Each table decides how much they are going to "pay" for a dessert and whichever table contributes the most gets first pick, and so on...). Because it was kind of last minute, and because I was encouraged to do so, instead of picking a cake or something elaborate, I made a HUGE tray of assorted cookies. I figured what I didn't have going for me in elegance, I made up for in quantity. Unfortunately, there was a shortage of desserts for the number of tables, so they decided to split my cookie tray three ways for the Dessert Dash. Ohhhh, there goes my contribution's "advantage". Whether that's to blame or not, the sad reality was that my three plates of cookies were the last items chosen. It was funny, but kind of sad too!

So, when I was asked again this year to contribute - my first response was, "Are you sure you want me to?" And, then, after being assured, I vowed internally that this year my dessert donation wouldn't be picked last. (Might I insert here that most of the desserts are professionally made and donated from restaurants and shops who specialize in these things).

Last night, I decided to test one of my front-runner considerations for offering to the Auction on the gals in our Bible Study. It is an Oreo Cheesecake and you can find the recipe here. The ladies did all approve, so it might just "take the cake" (ha ha ha ha!! - couldn't resist). It took a big chunk of time to prepare on Monday, but in all reality, compared to making several varieties of cookies, it might actually be easier to get done. We'll see, there's still a Key Lime Cheesecake that I'm tempted by....but, at least now, I think I'm prepared.


cjoy said...

Oh yum. I want all things chocolate these days. (Big baby notwithstanding....I just NEED CHOCOLATE!) I'd totally go for this. :)

Pachete de Turism said...

:) making me bake a cake :)

sara said...

oh my that fudge on top?!!! I think I just gained 5 pounds just looking at it!!