Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today I am super thankful for my mom. Especially so, because yesterday I did something super stupid.

On Mondays, if I'm not called to sub, I try to drag myself down to the gym to participate in the 9:00 "Group Power Workout". Essentially, there are about 20 or so ladies there, with each person having a "step-up" bench, a weights bar, weights, and hand weights. We spend an hour going through exercises that work all of the major muscle groups to different songs. It's very effective and I'm really glad Christy got me going to it (and keeps me going by being my Monday accountability). I try to be pretty careful with things involving my neck, but actually the worst part of the workout is the song in which we work our legs, because you load up the bar and then balance it behind your neck (holding on to it with your hands) and do lunges or squats. During that exercise, it's not the legs that are killing me so much as my neck and shoulders from taking that weight load (and, to be fair, I go "woosey" on this exercise because of that fact). Well, yesterday, even while doing the exercise I knew I'd screwed up.

As the day went on, the headache increased, but with a muscle relaxant, heat pack, and painkillers, I stayed pretty "ok" until an early bedtime in which I thought I'd wake up and feel fine again. By about 10:30, I decided to switch over to ice, because those two hours of sleep I'd had didn't make a dent. The pain only got worse through the night - it was the whole right side of my head, from the base of my head circling around to my sinuses.

When I woke up, I knew I was in trouble, and really could barely function. Movement only made the pain worse, and attempting to eat so I could stomache painkillers was a futile. (One tiny bite of oatmeal and my stomach said "no way"!) I ended up with two icepacks (one on the back of my head, and another positioned next to my nose) while Mikayla got herself ready, straightened up the house, made her own lunch, and woke up Brayden - who was also a sweetie, very nurturing.

At around 6:30, I called and woke up my parents to ask if Mom could take care of me. She told me to come straight out, so upon dropping off Mikayla at 7:30 - I headed out there. Another one of those "super scary drives" as I contemplated pulling off to lay down and having Mom or Dad or John get me, but felt I could probably make it "just a bit further". Despite the outdoor temps being about 48 degrees, I had the cold air blasting in my car to keep from throwing up. Really, the pain level doesn't get much higher than that for me, as it is pretty clear my body was screaming at me to find some sort of relief. I'd say I was at a 9 or 10 in pain.....(yeah, childbirth was worse, but only with Brayden...not even with Mikayla).

Once I got to Mom and Dad's, I collapsed on her massage table with my ice packs repositioned, finally feeling "safe". One way or another, I wouldn't leave their house until I felt better.

Over the years, I could give testimony after testimony of what Mom's been able to do in "putting me back together", but today was one of those times when even I was shocked. I didn't talk, (it taxed me too much), but instead tried to imagine letting go of a little bit of pain with every "adjustment" she made. My C-1 and C-2 were really crammed up tight (which I knew as that was the source of the problem) - so that was first place where the pain started to lessen, and then she moved around my head. Honestly, it wasn't as quick, but the hour reminded me of the point in which I finally got the Intrathecal (similar to an Epidural) during Brayden's childbirth. Going from total pain, to about a "level 2" - it was - and is - REMARKABLE.

So, today, I praise God for Mom - for her talents, and abilities, and giftedness. I can't imagine how poor the quality of my life would be in terms of pain on a day to day basis without her interceding. Thank you, Mom. You not only made my day, you allowed me to "experience today". I love you!

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