Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Ongoing Battle

This is a really happy time of the year for me. For anyone who knows me, this should come as no surprise. And, with the season the Ducks are having, and my own son's team being undefeated, it's adding even more festivity to an already celebratory time for me.

With all that said, though....I still find myself fighting the same ol' same ol' battles of letting the "little things" consume me. Yesterday, despite still smiling after a rather grueling "Group Power" workout, I let an upcoming issue creep in and overcome. After "venting" about the scenario to various people, and finally coming home after running errands....I realized I'd just wasted about two hours being angry, frustrated, and very irritated. WHAT A WASTE! I wish I could just turn off the switch that leads me to those conclusions on occasion, but I kind of have to immediately "settle the situation" vs. letting it simmer- and even because I'm wired like that, it makes me frustrated because I end up having to handle things that aren't necessarily my battles to fight. Ugh.

I find this little issue interesting as Sunday's sermon (EXCELLENT!) involved being a peacemaker....and the quote I loved was "We are never more like God than when we are instruments of peace". Peace - as defined as a complete well-being....that others see and want to be a part of. Another quote "To be blessed is to feel God's smile in our lives". So, there were parts of yesterday, as I'm listening to "Mary's Boy Child" and crying/smiling as I'm singing it on the freeway that I do believe others could see God's smile in my life. And, then, there were the more ugly parts of me, all worked up, saying things that weren't edifying....yeah, not moments I'm proud of.

So, that is the ongoing goal for myself this season - to keep the "big picture" constantly in mind, and to not let the inconveniences, disappointments, or attitude issues get the best of me. Of course, this should be my mindset all year long....but, for now, I'll focus on just the next two months.

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Linda said...

ahh "blessed are the peacemakers"...right? God has really been working on me lately about who I am striving to please. He's not always at the top of this list. Hang in there sister. I loved to hear how you are growing.