Saturday, November 06, 2010

Favorite Days

On a recent get-together, one of my favorite people commented, in regards to my blog, how we are so busy, constantly doing things. I laughed at that as we can be a very lazy family, it's just that I don't write all the time about the days and times that we are.

Well, today is one of those days. Earlier in the week, Michele threw the temptation our way to consider selling our tickets. So instead of driving our kids up to her house, returning to Eugene, watching the game in the rain (at least that was the forecast at the time) and then returning to Dallas to get our kids.....we could drive up Friday and stay until Sunday morning, cozily watching football all day long - including our own Duck game covered by ABC (and their Beaver game at 4:00).

There have been times that we've left early from games, or sold tickets to games that we have regretted. It doesn't seem to make a lot sense, given that we are #1 in the nation, you'd think we'd want to be at every single one. But, it also meant someone else might too, and while we really didn't make a profit on our ticket sales (based on the donor fee we pay on top of the face value of the ticket), they did sell (as did Travis and Stephanie's). Ultimately, I will never contest the value I place on the needs of our family to what others would argue is not being a "good fan".....and as far as this weekend goes, our family wanted to be with our extended family (the Schillings) and there's just no regret that we made the right decision.

Choosing to come here has been made even better upon watching the game. Our Ducks will take the victory, but the beginning was quite ugly on our behalf. Those things happen, I'm glad we can get some of that garbage out of our system against a team that can't capitalize too much against us. However, if you are present in Autzen stadium when the Ducks aren't playing up to par, the atmosphere can get equally ugly. Downright offensive, in fact. And just thinking about what the women that sits to our upper right would have been yelling at our team and coach during the first half makes me thankful we pocketed the money instead. =)

So, instead, I'm having one of my favorite days of the season, with no pictures to show for it, no great captions of all the fun we are having....instead just memories of all of the kids playing happily, and all four of us adults enjoying food, football, and the wonderful blessing of friendship within our own family.

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