Saturday, November 13, 2010

Catchin' Up

I feel like there's been nothing "monumental" to post about, so it hasn't really crossed my mind to update. And, then, I looked at my blog and realized it's been since Wednesday. I can't let that happen, so here's a random update.

Our kids had both Thursday and Friday off - due to Veterans' Day and a budget cut's induced "Furlough Day". So did Michele's kids - so they came down to hang out. Once the morning fog burned off, both days turned out to be brisk, yet beautiful - so it led to productive activities such as this: (Forgive the image quality, it was taken with my cell phone)
Yes, that's the girls - willingly clearing our leaves from our yard. In fact, Mikayla begged that I not even mow - so as to leave as much as possible for her and Nati to "round up". They took turns with the leaf blower and rake and did a pretty bang-up job (at least in comparison to what it started out as!). In the meantime, we mom's took off to conquer the Veterans' Day sales - making a killing at Fred Meyer, Michael's, and Kohls.

I will say that what the girls accomplished outside was just a wee bit offset by the mess they made in making their own brownies - complete with frosting and about ten different kinds of sprinkles. Thanks girls......what a treat. =(

Today is Mikayla's first volleyball game. I'm sure John will be taking plenty of pictures of the girls in action. She is uber-excited. Immediately following that is our Duck's football game (televised, as it's at Berkley) - going for 10-0! And, then, tomorrow, Brayden plays at 3pm for the final game before the state championship game at Autzen next weekend. This may be the only time we'll ever see his team, our local high school team (Sheldon - which the kids will end up at), and our college team all be undefeated and #1 in the rankings. It's an incredible year!

Sadly, we won't be hanging with the Whites today for the game. Stephanie had a "repeat surgery" yesterday on her back. They had done this surgery this summer for her, and while it corrected the pain and numbness in the one leg, it ended up being offset by the same issue on the other side of her spinal column - resulting in pain and numbness in the other leg. It's too bad they weren't able to solve the issue all at once, but thankfully she's home and recovering our prayers are that by Christmas her greatest gift will be to be pain free!


sara said...

Is this the same girl we were praying for last year? I will add her to my list for a pain free Christmas!!!

StephieAnne said...

Ha ha! No, I have two friends who've had back surgeries. Steph's surgery is much less invasive (it's an outpatient surgery - only requiring about 4 hours before going home) as it is on her lower back, cleaning up some over-calcification which is pinching the nerves. Amy, is the other gal that you were praying for. Unfortunately, the same scenario has also occurred for her, in that she will also repeat the surgery she had a year she is actually worse off than where she was before having it now. (The same thing happened in that it caused an "offset effect" - her body compensated and it resulted in issues on the other side). Her surgery will probably happen at the beginning of the new year and will end up being even more invasive than before. What a bummer, huh?! (I also had another really close friend who had reconstructive knee surgery a couple of weeks ago....we all laughed that there'd be no one left to supply meals if they all went in at once!)