Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a Nice Weekend.....

I will definitely say this is one of the best overall weekends I've had in lots and lots of weeks. I think a big part of it was that we were out of our house - and, on top of that, not spending money (which is always nice to be able to do!). John took some amazing pictures of our brief stay at Eagle Rock Lodge (we arrived at 8pm and checked out at about 10am), so I'm excited to share those. He is so loving his camera and the whole hobby of digital photography - where I relax by putting around on my computer or reading a book, John is loving life when he's capturing the ideal shot or doctoring it up on Photoshop. It's a great thing.

I really can't say enough about the hospitality of Eagle Rock Lodge. The owners, Randy and Debbie, are Christians and I remember specific conversations we had with them nearly two years ago. It was good to see them again, and as we were their only non-relative guests - it was good to spend time with their extended family at breakfast too. The pictures show the room's fireplace, the exterior view of the lodge as taken from the river, and the room where everyone gathers for breakfast. The morning was made even more special by snow mixed in with the rain - a view of the mountains showed we just missed it elevation-wise.

The rest of the weekend was spent at Michele and Michael's. The kids had so much non-stop fun the entire time - running everywhere throughout the house. We basically moved back and forth from the kitchen to the couches in the living room - with the blessed pitstop on my part for the much-awaited jetted tub. That was my favorite feature of their old house - and the ambience of this house makes this one even better. Oh..... the bliss. I'm so happy for them to have their home, and I'm happy for us too to have such an awesome place to stay when we visit. So, undeniably cozy.

Finally, John and I had a great time watching two really fun movies this weekend. We watched DAN IN REAL LIFE cozied up with the laptop at Eagle Rock. I am really changing my tune about favorite actors to include Steve Carrell towards the top of the list. And, I've only seen a few episodes of THE OFFICE - (not for not wanting to, we just never started watching it and haven't made it a priority). I just think he is a class act and such and entertaining and endearing actor. Loved the movie. At Michele and Michael's, we watched SYDNEY WHITE with Amanda Bynes. I get a kick out of her, too. Yes, the movie was cheesy, but it's just the sort of movie John and I love to watch on a Sunday afternoon - I loved all of the Snow White gimmicks. Thumbs up for us. Finally, as I'm typing, John and I are enjoying episode two of TV Land Channel's "High School Reunion". No, it's not quality tv, necessarily, but as it is a reunion setting for adults who graduated in 1987 (same year as John), it's pretty fun.

So, that's it for us - how about the rest of you - how was your weekend?


Stephietoo said...

We had a big yellow dog at our house, panting in our faces at two in the morning; eyes twitching; with that silly smile on her face; already been out three times in ten minutes; and we still can't figure out what she wants...... It's amazing to see how much doo-doo can come out of one dog! She must be sneaking food and getting ex-lax from somewhere! I needed a wheel barrow and a pitch fork to clean it up! This is no golden retriever, she is more like a mini-horse! Brayden must be raking it in making 1$ per pound. Someone had better check what special concoction he's feeding her; I think he's working the system.

Just kidding! (well, kind of). We loved having Syd over this weekend. She wore Bogey out!

I am glad you guys had so much fun. We missed you lots.

StephieAnne said...

First of all, she's not yellow - she's golden. I swear, her coat actually glows. Second, I'm surprised she waited until two to start getting in your face, and at that point, I'm not sure it's the smile you are seeing, but her incredibly intelligent, manipulative smirk.

Finally, yes, Brayden can make the money, if he actually gets around to it! I think it's a good trade-off for everyone!

Thanks for taking care of her. We're all going to start feeling really good about our own dogs in a bit as I have Koda for a good 7 days starting the middle of this week!

Thank you guys so much - LOVED THE RANSOM NOTE! Get better soon so we can hang out and truly celebrate your 30th birthday!