Monday, March 03, 2008

Duck Football Clinic

Recently, we received an email inviting all Kidsports participants to attend a special football clinic hosted by a number of prominent Duck football players. Given that it was free, the Duck players are very popular and the email was widespread, I had a sneaky suspicion that it could turn out to be pretty chaotic. Fortunately, John volunteered to not only take Brayden, but also stay with him and take photos, so I didn't need to be any part of the chaos. Lucky, lucky me - here's a shot of the HUGE group of kids......

In addition to the huge mass of kids, it was also very, very cold. There was a cold, misty fog that made it feel so damp....BRRRR! But, that didn't stop the enthusiasm -

Jonathon Stewart, a running back who was just ranked third in the NFL "Combine" pre-draft performance assessments was a special guest as well as quarterback, Dennis Dixon, everyone's favorite player of the 2007 season. Thrown in Jaison Williams, and Bryan Paisinger - as well as other very fun players - and it was a rockin', albeit a little disorganized event.

Brayden was able to snag autographs from the first two above-mentioned players, however, they were both a bit worn out, as evidenced by the lack of smiles. However, the shots of them in action show a whole lot more personality. Finally - check out the pic that John doctored of 5 pictures in one, showing the progression of Brayden successfully receiving Dennis Dixon's pass. (Note the telltale sign of concentration/aggression on Brayden - the tongue sticking out. Sadly, he gets that from both mom and dad.....)

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