Monday, March 10, 2008

Family Work Day

Yesterday, the Rileys finally got their rear-ends off the couches (it's been numerous "sick weekends") - and headed outside to tackle spring chores. When I went in toward the evening, I noticed the temperature reading 63.5 - now, that's what I'm calling March! (However, the forecast shows nothing that pretty in the near future.....)

John went to work on the garage, that still had Christmas wrap bins on the floor, with the eventual goal of having the boat ready to pull out at a moment's notice for anyone crazy enough to accompany him for some frigid spring watersports....(notice I say "him" and not us.... it's gotta reach at least 70 for me to think about it!) I went to work on the lawns - or what's left of them. Apparently, we have some little insect that has had a feast on the sod we placed three years ago in our backyard. So, it's been an ongoing attempt to smother the lawn with the insect killer, grass seed, moss-killing fertilizer, and mulch to get the seed growing. Throw in some weed killer for all of the surrounding bark, and yes, I feel like I did my part to add to the environmental quality of our neighborhood! I also realized that a leaf blower (with the sucking bag attachment) needs to be on my fall wish list. Too much time picking up tiny leaves that ended up rotting on our front lawn.

As is often the case, when work happens outside, the inside suffers dramatically. Particularly when random things from the garage get piled inside the door. Today, waking up an hour early (time change) and seeing the disaster that is my kitchen, I walked over to the garage - looked into the sparkling room, and smiled that at least one part of our house is mess free. It's going to be quite a Monday for me.....

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Colie said...

I'm glad to hear you are all healthier these days and were able to enjoy the sunshine. It feels good to get outside and organize things. Tell John that any time the temp is above 55 degrees I'm in for some wake boarding! No need for 70 for me! :-)