Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back in My Day....

I've been continuing to meet with my college friend, Lindsay - and it's been so much fun. Every time we meet I find myself taken back in time - either to the days at WOSC (now known as WOU), or my post college days working with the college department at First B. with Corey (CCF). Oh, yeah, of course, I'm reminded of my "pre-dating" days with John too.....

It has had me thinking, however, of all of the differences of life for a college student now, and what life was like back in my day. Back in my day is only 13 years further back than Lindsay (I began college in the fall of 1990 and graduated in 1994). Here are some of the things that are around these days that I never had "way back then".

(keep in mind, some of these things existed, but they didn't exist on my radar in Monmouth, OR)

- cell phones
- text messaging
- a lap top (yes, of course computers existed, but not of the laptop variety - I was proud of my Brother Word Processor)
- email (oh what a difference this could have made in my long distance relationships!)
- IM'ing
- DVD (it was VCR only, baby - and I do remember the first CD I bought as I transitioned out of cassette tapes)
- remote car door unlock
- GPS systems
- Pilates
- DVR's or TIVO
- PS2 or Wii's
- i-pods/MP3 players
- i-tunes
- blogs
- myspace
- google or internet (as far as I was concerned)
- digital cameras
- tvs in vehicles (my hubby used to work for one of the companies that helped develop those!)
- Starbucks
- straightening irons (hair)
- debit cards (ATM yes, but not able to use them in stores)
- reality tv!

I think I could keep going and going, but it seems like I've already got a long enough list. Anything more that you can think to add?


Stephietoo said...

Wow you lived a sheltered life. We had 11 out of the 21 in that time frame 12/21 if we get credit for the PS1. We had MTV, "The Real World" est. 1992

StephieAnne said...

Yeah, it doesn't get much more sheltered than a poor college student living in Monmouth! - Just demonstrating that much more how different the life of a college student today is (in terms of technology) than when I went.....

I hope you are feeling better Stephie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Manis and Pedis - I can't think of anyone who did that just for fun back then

The dollar menu

youtube/internet TV



It all makes me wonder how totally lost I'm going to be if I live to be 80 and the world keeps changing so rapidly...