Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mega Sports Camp

Today was the last day of Mega Sports Camp - sponsored by a local church and held at Traig and Nati's elementary school. The 3 oldest kids attended for basketball and soccer skills - as well as lessons in faith. For the second year in a row, they had a fantastic time (and so did their moms who had a break from them in the mornings).

The second two pictures show Brayden and then Traig brought up front in front of the 90 or so kids. When the pastor asked for a brave volunteer, some how I just knew that he would end up picking Brayden (like father, like son- somehow he WOULD end up getting chosen). The lesson was about sacrifice, so the pastor offered Brayden a $5 Dairy Queen gift card. He then asked if Brayden would be willing to "sacrifice" and give it away. Albeit reluctantly, Brayden agreed, and eventually offered the card to his cousin Traig. However, I think he tried to pull a fast one by offering the card envelope but not the card itself, but when the pastor humorously called him on it - it came off looking like an accident. Hmmmmm, he's not quite a saint, that's for sure. At the end of it all, though, Brayden was awarded a $10 DQ gift card for his willingness to give the original away. (Not so sure he deserved it....) It was a special way to end the camp - if we're around next year, Mikayla will get a chance at it. Yeah for Mega Sports Camp!

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