Thursday, November 23, 2006

A WONDERFUL Thanksgiving

It's not very often that a special day comes off as well as you plan for it to - but, today was one of those days. YEAH!!!! We had a great family breakfast, made toasts with our plastic flute glasses and sparkling cider, watched the Macy's Parade, met up with Mom and Dad, hit the Festival of Trees (meeting lots of friends we knew), had a delicious lunch, and finally, watched the not-at-all disappointing "Santa Clause 3" which I was eagerly looking forward to. As soon as Mom returns from putting up the horses, we'll eat our pumpkin pie while opening up the ads, one of my favorite activities of the year. I think the only thing that could have possibly made this day better was if the Schillings were with us. At least they'll be here tomorrow - and as for Michele, that will be in less than 11 hours....... =)
Finally, a good Santa pic with both kids
This is the kids making trees for children in the hospital at The Festival of Trees
The delicious chocolate toffee torte I had for desert
Not so hot of Brayden, but our family at The Festival of Trees
At the theater

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HollieHobbie said...

cute, cute, cute! So glad you had a great day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and have a fun, fun, fun Black Friday.