Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Couple of Questions XXXXIV

I'm sitting with my new favorite beverage - Nestle cocoa mix and International Delight's Peppermint Mocha (dairy case) creamer. Throw some whip cream on top with sprinkles.... ahhhh.

I'm debating on starting in on decorating. I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I love CHRISTMAS (as if you didn't know), and given that the rains have started in again (and according to the weather, will last through the week) - perhaps that's just what I need to do. Besides, I have a friend visiting my house for the first time this week and Michele and the kids will be coming up Tues. and Wed. so it might be nice to have it done. Hmmm, that's a lot of work, though, for a day that I'm feeling especially lazy. Last year, Michele was around a lot at this time of year - I've missed her and the kids being around so much. But, with them now enrolled in public school, it's not as easy to accommodate. Sigh.....

It's a good thing UO Football Season Ticket holders don't have to commit to purchasing their tickets at the end of the season. By spring when we do have to commit, I'm already missing the festivities and antipating the fun, crisp September days full of expecation, hope and celebration. Yesterday's experience at Autzen, however, was nothing like it. I was well layered and it was still bone-chilling cold, which conveniently matched the attitudes of the fans watching our team self-destruct so pathetically. (Can you say SIX turnovers!) John joked that he'll be wearing orange and black to next week's Civil War with Michael.......that's how bad it was.

We have Brayden's first basketball game this afternoon, perhaps I'll take some pictures and discuss it next time I write. He is such a hoot to watch in sports!

On to the questions-

1. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

2. What is your favorite traditional Thanksgiving food?


HollieHobbie said...

1. Mom and Dad are coming out for Thanksgiving-yay! So that day we'll do the traditional dinner. But while everything is cooking we'll have two TVs set up to watch the Macy's parade and the Dolphins play. The next day the girls dance at Family Day at our Festival of Trees.
2. Do you really think there is a traditional Thanksgiving dish that I do not like???? Oh actually there are two: green bean casserole and marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes.
I love Parker House rolls and turkey and stuffing and pie and cranberry sauce and even the veggies.

StephieAnne said...

My bad, it's actually Nestle's Coffee Mate peppermint mocha creamer - I guess I'm an all-around Nestle fan.

1. This is off-year, in which Michele and Michael will be with Michael's family. So, we'll be going with Mom and Dad to the Festival of Trees and eating at the restaurant where that is located. After we go home to change into elastic waist-band clothes, we'll then hit "Santa Clause 3" at the movies. The next day the Schillings will come down - Michele to go super-shopping with mom and I, and Michael to go to the Civil War with John. Fun times.

2. Funny, Hollie, the one food I only get to eat and love during the holidays is the green bean casserole.... I like the pumpkin pie too!

amy said...

1. After serving turkey dinner at my brother's church we are going to spend the rest of the day with my inlaws.

2. I really, really, really like cranberry jelly (from the can) on turkey and my Mom's pumpkin pie.

HollieHobbie said...

oh! I meant to ask have you given up on Peppermint Schnapps, Steph? haha