Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Ten Minute Tree Hunt

Generally, we get our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, this last weekend, the Schillings were down, it was raining hard, and John got immersed in the lights project, so we decided to postpone until sometime this week. Sometime this week became last night and due to sunrise occuring at 4:30, and the earliest John could get off was 4:00 - we were in a hurry. Blessedly, our tree hunt was the quickest ever, perhaps taking only ten minutes to find the 9 footer we put in our living room (do we need a tree that big? No, but since we have a roof that can accomodate it, we do it because we can!) and quickly being able to find the smaller tree that we put up in the bonus room that gets to hold all of the family ornaments (that the kids are decorating as I type....sweet....). I tried to snap a picture of the sun setting in the background -note the kids in their snowsuits - it was cold! But, dry, yeah!

The kids, last year, begged and begged for the opportunity to have trees in their room. We put them off until this year, but, unfortunately, they didn't forget. So, we compromised and got them a $2.99 little fake tree from Jerry's and gave them the chance to pick out a set of mini-ornaments and mini-garland. Decent deal all around. They are very happy.

Thanks for all of the fun responses from the questions - I've really enjoyed all of your insight. Thanks for the thoughtful replies.

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