Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Couple of Questions XXXXIII

Talk about temptation, I'm sitting next to 2 dozen cookies the kids made, Mikayla's half with peanut butter chips, Brayden's half with mini M&M's and chocolate chips. They wouldn't notice if just a couple were missing.... My only saving grace, thinking about how they licked their fingers after putting each scoop of dough on the cookie sheet - but then again, I share those germs constantly. I'll let you know if I get through the morning without doing a bit of a taste test.....

1. What do you want for Christmas? Yes, generic question, but I'd love to hear specific random answers

2. For the moms out there - What have been some of the biggest "hit" presents you've given to your kids that they've rewarded you with playing with a lot?

Enjoy the morning!!!!!!


StephieAnne said...

Let's just say that both kinds of cookies turned out VERY DELICIOUS...... (naughty, naughty)

1. A lamp simulating sunlight for Seasonal Affective Disorder, a Message Bible that is outlined in the same way our church's "Read through the Bible in a year" journal (Discipleship Journal) is set up, Pilates DVD

2. For Mikayla, the Fisher Price doll house, Polly Pockets, and most definitely, Baby Annabelle

For Brayden, we haven't been super successful.... PS2 games.... hmmm, he's a tough one

JustMe said...

1. A hair straightener; a man (hopefully not purchased by my children at the dollar store)

2. Tyler: anything Lego. If we did actually buy him video games I'm sure those would be his favorites, but we are very, very mean parents...Rachel: bathtub crayons...Isabel: the plastic tricycle where they can rock on it when they're little, then ride it when they're bigger. And shoes - she loves shiny "church shoes" and wants to wear them everywhere.

Honestly I am struggling here, because I cannot remember most of the gifts they've received!

stephietoo said...

1. Bubble bath (as always!); dutch oven; new set of chopping knives; baking dishes; (do we see a cooking theme here?)

2. For Brayden's first birthday, Travis and I got him a little Fisher Price bike that "grows with the child". Six years later, it was finally sold at a garage sale. It's nice to know that gift stayed around for so long. As far as Kay-Kay goes, Polly Pockets (as Stephie said), and I have a feeling Barbies will stick around for a while.

Have a great Tuesday!

HollieHobbie said...

1. a Mommy Bracelet and ceramic foot and/or hand impessions of each of my kids, plus really cool pictures of my kids.

2. All their Fisher Price Little People-Em even sits down with M and plays with her. Plus, the Barbies and Polly Pockets, but I have taken them out to the garage because they were never being picked up!
They would play more with their sewing machine, knitting needles, and cookbooks if I wanted to play with them more......

amy said...

1. I really have no idea, wait, this is uneventful but I would really like a Key Word Study Bible.
2. Costumes and art sets.