Friday, November 24, 2006

Day After Thanksgiving

It's an odd feeling sitting here with Michele watching the Ducks and Beavers play. When I'm enthusiastic and attentive to the tv, she's a little down and vice versa based on the performances of our teams. One thing we can certainly agree on is the fact that we are sitting here in a cozy living room instead of in the rain at Reeser Stadium. Hope our men are having fun.....!

Of course, we might both be allowed to be spacy and glass-eyed given that we've both been up since before 4am. (Michele over an hour prior to that....) This pic was taken at 5am, shortly before setting off to Kohl's, Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Walmart, GI Joe's, Home Depot, Shopko, and Costco. Good times!

The score is now tied up - not a bad way indeed to spend the Day After Thanksgiving.


Askinstoo said...

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HollieHobbie said...

who is your new friend in the comments of your blog? haha!
What a nice picture of you, your Mom and Michelle. Sounds like you guys had a very nice day.