Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ten Reasons I'm Thankful for Rain

Ironically, Jodi just did a post about reasons she's thankful for the desert - as I already had this one in mind. (I bet hers was easier to come up with......)

It is a time for being thankful – so in honor of that, I’m going to try to put aside my differences with my arch-nemesis and give reasons why I’m thankful for it. Here goes:

1. When it’s raining here, it means some where, high enough, it’s snowing (like on the mountains Jodi looks at everyday) and, I LOVE SNOW!
2. It keeps our community green and I really do like green and lots of happy plantlife
3. I don’t have to worry about wasting water taking lots of baths (because I’m so chilled from getting soaked outside….oops, slipped…)
4. It gives my dog the opportunity to have so much fun! (but cleaning her up is a whole different story.... ooops, slipped again!)
5. If I wear my hair naturally curly, I can “freshen it up” just by stepping outside
6. Without steady rain, these little visitors would have never showed up in front of my house
7. It helps me to never take for granted sunshine in the valley from November to May
8. It really does make a soothing sound at night
9. The kids love umbrellas – need I say more
10. When the rains begin their assault on Oregon, it means I get to decorate for this – and that makes me VERY HAPPY!
(Hollie, I picked these two photos because they showed the two things I got on clearance last year from At Home America.... they make me think of you!)


stephietoo said...

Yeah, Bogey had to get two baths last night just to get the dirt off of him. He was so exhausted when he got home, he went straight to bed and didn't really move at all when we clipped his nails and when I gave him a bath. Sydney looks like she is smiling in this picture; it is so cute!

Love the decorations! I can't wait to come over and enjoy them.

Ummm.... What are you doing up at 5:40 a.m.????

Have a great day~

HollieHobbie said...

Steph, they look gorgeous! I LOVE above your fireplace. You have a real heart felt knack for cozy decorating. Thanks for sharing and thanks for thinking of me!
Good job making lemonade out of lemons where rain in concerned. I couldn't have done that yesterday when it was so wet here.