Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Couple of Questions XXXXV

A different twist - I've got some specific questions for people who frequently comment, so here goes-

1.) Heather - What is the connection between you and Thomas and Allison (Star of the Sea blog entries) that you've quoted a couple of times in your blog? Ever since your first post, I've followed both of their blogs consistently, it has been quite a journey for them and certainly inspiring to say the least. I've never known anyone personally, and at our age, go through cancer -

2.) Colie - When is your due date? Any changes you'll make in your birth plan compared to last time?

3.) Hollie and Jodi - What advice would you give to someone who just found out they'll be leaving their hometown to start someplace new with their family? (That's not me, I'm speaking hypothetically!)

4.) Stephie - What advice would you give someone who is considering getting a puppy for their family for Christmas? (And, What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas? - perhaps some ulterior motives there....)

Drive Safe everyone, it's COLD outside!


HollieHobbie said...

Make sure it is God's Will. I know that is rather cliche, but I had a vary good attitude about moving (twice) because I knew I was suppose to. Also, Jodi had me do a little exercise about friends and to write down the qualities I appreciate and desire in friends and to stick to it when making new ones. It has helped me make and keep my priorities.

stephietoo said...

First of all, make sure you really do your research as to what type of dog you want. Some breeds are child-friendly, and others are not so much. Some dogs need lots, and lots of exercise, others (like bulldogs) do not. If your family consists of a bunch of social butterflies and are away a lot, I would strongly consider whether or not a puppy is right for you at this time. Dogs need lots and lots of love, attention, and work. Training your puppy as soon as you get him/her home is key to a well behaved dog. Puppies will keep you up at night, and will need to go outside to potty at night (sometimes a lot!)

The biggest thing I must stress is: Do your research before choosing a dog breed (mixed or pure). I have books and books on owning a Beagle, and there are certain things that Bogey does that would freak me out if I hadn't done my research and known before hand that Beagles do it. (I.e reverse sneezing. It sounds like the dog is having a terrible asthma attack, but in reality he is reverse sneezing, which is very common in Beagles.)

As for your second question: Bubble bath is always a hit with me. Gift certificates for borders, gift certificates for Sage Spring. And, that is about all I can come up with right now. I know, I am of no help to you! :o) If I think of anything else, I will email you.

LiteraryGirl said...

I would say that as soon as you move find areas/places/things that bring you peace and comfort. If where you used to live you really enjoyed a certain coffee place, find a new one to call home. Do things that feel familiar no matter where you are...go to Starbucks. Go to a movie. Go to Target. Take a long walk. Take the kids to the park. I think all of these things make you feel less "away". Also, take up the art of hand-written letters! It's fun to check the mailbox everyday for replies. And kind of along the line of what Hollie can be easy to fall back into old habits or traps that you struggled with where you used to live. Use the move as a chance to start fresh...don't make a lot of commitments right away. Be choosy about friendships and what you agree to get involved in. One great thing about moving has been to step back and look at my new life and if there are problems that exist here that also existed where I used to live then I know they are issues I need to address in a different way. But mostly I'd say the world is a lot smaller than we think it is.

Anonymous said...

Very Smart Steph!

April 8th is my due date. Randy's sister's birthday is the 10th so it would be fun to share that day!

Birthplan: pray for a shorter labor, a better epidural, and less tearing:-).

JustMe said...

Sorry, I've been out - Thanksgiving plus strep throat. Better now!

From your blog I linked to literarygirl's, then I started clicking her links and picked up a few new blogs (like Dooce and Star of the Sea Breezes). I was just so touched by their story and especially by their attitudes. I started reading the blog the same week she was diagnosed.

This may sound strange since they are complete strangers to me, but Thomas and Alison have restored some of my faith in the marriage partnership, and he especially has restored my faith in men who take the marriage covenant seriously. He is the kind of man I thought only existed in movies. He is open, articulate, devoted, and growing in his faith. I feel honored to be able to join others in praying for them and their amazing witness in the face of suffering.

BTW, if your church offers recordings - I would be interested in hearing Colin's testimony. A couple months ago I tried to buy the book "Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would" written by a young man like Colin who overcame the lifestyle - but my bookstore didn't have it yet. Remember Bob Buss from THS (Shanne's uncle)? Two of his three children are gay - Aaron came out in his teens, while Pam (a devout Christian and archenemy of Aaron for many years) came out a couple years ago after apparently struggling for years. Our Pastor commented that Jesus was mockingly called "a friend of sinners," but that he wore that badge proudly - and if Jesus were here today he would probably be spending time with the homosexual community.

JustMe said...

P.S. Just went to literarygirl's blog and saw that I can download the sermons from your church - cool!