Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Couple of Questions XIII

1. What's one thing you are really looking forward to in May?

2. What's your favorite kind of pizza and where do you most like to get it?

Kind of lame questions - I'm running low on inspiration this morning! Have a great week!


Colie said...

1) MAY - Caleb's 1st Birthday. I approach it with excitement and sadness. Mostly excitement though - I love birthdays!

2) I like many different kinds of pizza. Ugo's in Dallas is my favorite place but I really like Cidicci's in Albany. Those places simple is good - pepperoni and pinnaple. But, places like papa murphy's or something like that I like a veggie pizza.

stephietoo said...

1. Sunriver with our bible study. It is such an awesome time getting to hang out with the people I love the most in the place I love the most!

2. Stephie, are you asking this question just for me??? At this point in my life (being with Travis who only likes certain kinds of pizza) Papa's Pizza is my favorite pizza place. I love their Taco pizza with no onions and no ground beef. Their BBQ chicken is good too, oh and their hawaiian, oh and their mushroom and olive, oh and their..... I could go on and on!

However, if I had my choice to eat at any kind of pizza joint, I would choose Pizza Pipeline because I just love that floppy, thin soft crusted pizza. Travis can't stand that kind of pizza, so I haven't had the opportunity to have it in several years (probably 7 or 8). It's probably better that I don't eat that kind since it is dripping with grease. (YUMMY!)

Have a great week everyone!

LiteraryGirl said...

1. Mother's Day. A friend and I have worked it so we get to go to brunch and a matinee, just the two of us, and that sounds wonderful right now.
2. I love Cozmic Pizza. I think my favorite is called the full moon pizza? Can't remember, but it has pesto and mushrooms and it is amazing. All of their pizza is amazing.

StephieAnne said...

1) I just love that it means summer is practically here! But, I'm looking forward to a first-ever mother-daughter pedicure with Michele and my mom for Mother's Day - as well as the trip to Sunriver Steph described.

2) Papa Pizza's bbq chicken is pretty awesome, but I just love the crust from Izzy's pizza - canadian bacon and pineapple

MrsQuigs said...

1) The "Season Finale" of "Lost"!!!! My 9th anniversary comes in at a very close second.
2) I think I really like Papa's. I like their bbq chx. I also like Papa Murphy's "gourmet veggie"

amy said...

1. I enjoy the entire month of May. It means we are that much closer to afternoons spent swimming at camp. Its filled with birthdays, anniversaries, and this time around a good old fashioned tonsillectomy.

2. I used to crave tomato/canadian bacon pizza from on whole wheat crust Track Town. The kiddos actually prefer our homemade pizza that we bbq in the summer.

HollieHobbie said...

You bbq pizza, AMy? Interesting; do tell how to!
1. May: I never really thought much about the month before. I guess, looking forward to Summer and beginning and ending yard work. Plus, winding everything down to end the school year.
When is the season finale of Lost, Lisa?
2. Do you really think there is a pizza that I don't like????
But my favorite is from Pats Pizza in Orono, Maine. Although, Steoh, I really liked the bbq chicken that you brought over when Molly was born. How'd you make that again?

StephieAnne said...

Boboli pizza crust - cover with Boboli sauce, then mozzerella

In a pan, mix rotissierre chicken pieces with dried onion flakes and Bullseye bbq sauce. Heat until sauce becomes "sticky"

Spread chicken on top of cheese, sprinkle a little more cheese on top

Bake according to Boboli directions- That's it!

chele said...

Holly - funny that you should mention Steph's barbque chicken pizza as that is my all time favorite also. (I used to beg her to make it for me all that time when I visited as I wasn't brave enough to make it on my own.) A Hawaiian pizza at Papa's or Roaring Rapids would be a close second.
As for May... May for the Schillings includes 3 out of our 5 birthdays (we have to budget for May/June [Ellie's b-day] like we would Christmas...), Mother's Day, Memorial Day weekend and it seems like a number of other misc. fun activities. Michael and I are going to also cash in on the Riley's Christmas generosity and enjoy a night by ourselves at the beach. Needless to say, May is very busy and at times a bit overwhelming for a mom, but full of a ton of excitement and enthusiasm. Memorial Day weekend used to be our first camping excursion of the year - it has since been replaced with a Bible Study getaway to Sunriver. It is one of my favorite holidays only in that it symbolizes the anticipation of a summer of joy and delight...