Sunday, April 30, 2006

Relaxing Weekend

Because John had a business meeting in Bend, we were able to spend our anniversary weekend in Sunriver for 50% off. What a deal. We brought the Whites and Schillings along to a new house to rent for us - not at all disappointed. While we there we discovered a few things:

1. It is possible to ride a tandem bike with a child who can't ride a bike without training wheels. They just need to balance their feet up above. (Good job, Nati!)

2. Brayden is showing surprising talent as a football quarterback. We were astounded with his dead-on spiral passes - that flew quite a distance. Whoda thunk?

3. A hot tub at 25 degrees at 5:30 am - is still a beautiful thing (especially when the sky is so blue).

4. It was possible to access wireless internet, only if, you sat against the headboard of the bed, in the back bedroom - Thanks, Sunriver neighbors!

Can't get enough of this beautiful weather - however, if you get a chance - check out the accuweather forecast for the city in which I live - for the 15 day stretch. Snow for next week? You've got to be kidding!


HollieHobbie said...

We have snow coming up at the same time! Bizarre! Oh and we had the worst hail storm last night. It was crazy: like we inspected our car to see if damage had been done from it.
Glad you spent time in Sunriver. That is so the Riley, Schilling, White place.

Colie said...

I love the picture! It's so fun to see all those kids together. So grown up ... it's crazy! Glad you weekend was wonderful. And ... IT'S NOT GOING TO SNOW! I really am ready for the sunshine. Yes, I love snow but not in May!