Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh What a Day!

I've decided that days that exceed seventy degrees in April where we live are like a good food reward challenge in the show of Survivor. We who live here are so sunshine/warm temperature deprived at this time of the year that when a truly wonderful day comes, like today was, it brings about a giddiness that is almost unparalleled. In the same way, a starving "Survivor" will go a little nutty just considering a piece of pizza and a soda. For us, days like today in July, August or September - they're nice, but a little expected. Just as pizza and soda are nice, but nothing all that special for ordinary people.

Today was marvelous. Brayden slept in until 10:15 - perhaps a record and tremendously needed. We got a few things done in the morning, dropped our Sydney off for a day of play at Koda's and headed to church. It was a fantastic service with some of my favorite worship songs. Upon returning home, sandwhiches were made and we headed off to Brayden's soccer game - in which he did really well. We're really proud how he's "coming along", showing a lot more hussle and desire to play the game.

After the game, we stopped at a gas station and I sat there with the sun roof open, radiating sunshine heat on my face - oh, the bliss. We then took naps and the kids begged for a bike ride when we woke up. So, we just returned from over an hour and a half of riding, Brayden on his own bike, Mikayla on the "Tag-a-long" attached to the back of mine. It was a long ride - I'm pretty impressed with the kids. Unfortunately, tomorrow's a school day - that means there'll be no sleeping in for us again. Oh well, if the sunshine is out like it was today, I think we'll find reasons to smile no matter what the schedule brings!

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