Monday, February 13, 2006

A Very Family Weekend

Sorry the posts have been so few and far between lately. I'm confined to using John's computer, and he didn't have the power source all weekend. So, we found other things to do - here's an itinerary of our weekend:

7 pm - Brayden with Cameron playing basketball, Mikayla napping - Mommy on her way to Dinner Club
9 pm - I return home, watch Opening Ceremonies with kids and Travis and Stephie

11 am - John takes kids to All That and More as a reward for something Brayden earned
12-2:00 - John stays with kids at Skateworld, lots of video games, falls, and treats
11-12:30 - Mom FINALLY completes laundry that's piled up all week
2:45 - We take Brayden to indoor soccer and watch him play
4:00 - We take a family field trip to Walmart Super Center, Home Depot, and Hollywood Video
6:00 - Kids watch Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus, Space Jam - Mom and Dad watch olympics - family falls asleep to Barbie movie again

11:25 - Kids con us into staying with us at church - special, but not something soon to be repeated
12:45 - Head to Dairy Queen - have picnic at Brayden's school - play a game of family soccer (happy to not have Sydney puncture the soccer ball when she chose to join in)
3:00 - Family nap time
6:30 - Steph leaves yet again for another girls' dinner night out
9:00 - Steph returns home to kids and Dad still awake waiting for mom......

It was a really cozy family weekend.......and the kids should be doing NO whining about Mom and Dad taking off for a romantic night at a local hotel tomorrow night. We deserve our date night!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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