Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Couple of Questions VI

This follows a little bit of a theme.... As I was irked that the noise level on the tv was too high, it inspired question #1.

1. What traits of your mother do you find yourself adopting/becoming?

2. What was one of the most common meals put on the dinner table for your family growing up?


LiteraryGirl said...

My brother and I were just discussing this last night. Growing up my mom always offered us eggs and 7-up when we were sick, but eggs sound so gross when you are sick and I always thought it was crazy that she made them for us. Still, when my kids are sick, what do I make them? Oh yes, eggs! There's a lot of little stuff like that.

Spaghetti was a weekly meal. We had burrito's a lot, too.

MrsQuigs said...

1.When I asked DQ this, he was taking a bite of cereal and almost sweet mother is percise, detail oriented, organized, perfectionist, has the gift of mercy, always looks impeccable, and analyzes everything. She is wonderful. So, hmmm this is a hard question:-)
2. typical american fare- my mom always made and iceberg lettuce salad...pretty much every meal.

Colie said...

1) Let's see ... my mother. I'd like to say self sacrificing and hard working - but let's be honest. The thing that comes to mind is very shallow and I could come up w/ something deep but do not feel like it. It's soda - I love to drink pop (me=Pepsi / mom=coke). Especially when shopping.

2) DJ's Special or Ugo's Pizza (she was a single mom working long hours :-)).

StephieAnne said...

1. I am sensitive now to the noise level on the tv or in general if I am not interested in the noise source (i.e. - care what is on tv). I also do not have peace/contentment if the house is out of control. I wish I could say I have half of the physical attributes she has (still receiving numerous compliments....) but the only thing I seem to be duplicating is silver hair coming in with increasing frequency!
2. What mom made for us then is not how mom and dad eat now, but I remember many meals of goulash, or salmon patties, or meatloaf, with pineapple slices topped with cottage cheese and green beans.....

stephietoo said...

1. Unfortunately, I think I have a tendency to be overdramatic about things, (Travis, quit laughing and nodding your head in agreement!!!) which is something my mom does. Especially if we are in a public place and someone starts smoking. She will start coughing really loud and make loud comments about how rude it is that people would blow their smoke on us, and that she can't breathe. Really embarrassing, but I know that I sometimes do that (make comments when something that someone is doing in public is bothering me, or against the rules/law) and it probably embarrasses Travis.

2. The one meal that comes to mind is spaghetti with my mom's homemade sauce. Funny story about this one. Because spaghetti sauce is so hard to get out of clothes, my mom would always make my brother (4 years younger), sister (19 months older), and I strip down into our underwear to eat spaghetti. (**Note: we were all 7 years or younger**) So to this day, we always joke about taking our shirts off when we eat spaghetti at a family function.