Sunday, February 19, 2006

Deep Thoughts

Often times, prior to going to sleep, I'll think about things that I could write about here on my blog. Last night was full of deep thoughts, life lessons that I've discovered over the last year through my own experiences and those of my friends. Here are a few that I came up with:

- I hate to admit this, but we couldv'e probably saved ourselves over a thousand dollars over the past year and a half if we had chosen to close the damper on our fireplace. Glad we decided to start using that device during the coldest stretch of the year, but I have to wonder what I couldv'e done with that $1000 that went to EWEB instead....

- A friendship that is continuously caught in a rut cycle of guilt then resentment/bitterness should be re-examined by both parties. That is not healthy and one should determine what the foundation of the friendship is really based upon.

- Seeking to please everyone else first can have very detrimental effects on your family life

- When a dog has her ovaries and uterus removed (spayed) it is normal for them to be lethargic and nauseous the next day, and one shouldn't worry that they'll never recover

- In a group of Christian women, I find it interesting the number of people who take objection to watching the tv show, "Ellen", because the host lives a private gay lifestyle, but do not worry a bit about supporting Brad Pitt's career when he has recently divorced his wife and got a woman pregnant out of wedlock..... which leads me to the point that we ALL have our issues and sins, private or public - whether that be envy, gossip, sexual struggles, addictions, anger, etc. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones... (or something like that)

- If we were to be given advanced knowledge of the struggles and hardships we would be facing in our life, many of us would be admitted to the Johnson Unit in fear, dread and depression. There's a reason we don't have "pre-knowledge", but miraculously many of us our surprised at our capacity to handle these things as they come. We endure, we pray for help, and we get through, though the grace of God.....

- Based on the above, if there were awards given for: "Making the best of what life has given you this year", many of my best friends would be top merit candidates

That's it for now.... (and as Jodi has pointed out on her blog before - nothing is written here that is taking aim at any of the people I know currently reading my blog....except for the complimentary stuff!)


MrsQuigs said... we're still okay and everything.

LiteraryGirl said...

You know Steph, if you have something to say to me, you should just say it to my face...


HollieHobbie said...

how in the world do you remember this stuff the next morning? I fall asleep with great blog entries, then when I wake up to post them it is like a microphone is in front of me and not a keyboard and computer!